Much was made about the $4.4 billion enforcement package to the latest version of the Open Borders Act. (I refuse to call it immigration reform because that implies that its objective is to secure the US-Mexico border.) At the time, I voiced my skepticism that this money would be used on enforcing the border. The increasingly indispensable Jim DeMint has issued a press release that shines the light of truth on this despicable piece of legislation. Here’s what it says:

According to the CRS report provided to Senator DeMint, the mandatory spending in the bill could immediately be used for Z visas. It says, “(r)eceiving, processing, and adjudicating applications for the Z visa authorized by Title VI of the Act is one of the trigger mechanisms outlined in Section 1; this means that funding from the Immigration Security Account could be used for this purpose.”

In addition, the report says the funds could be used for Y visas and other programs once the trigger mechanisms have been met but it does not require the Secretary of Homeland Security to certify the trigger. The report says, “S. 1639 does not explicitly stipulate whether the certification required by Section 1 would have to take place prior to funding being made available for the additional purposes outlined in Section 2(C).”

This memo should be circulated before the vote to every Republican senator and every Democrat up for re-election next fall. If Kennedy’s and NCLR’s disinformation hits the airwaves, the wobblies will vote against cloture.

This has Ted Kennedy’s fingerprints all over it. If I were a millionaire, I wouldn’t bet a penny that he has an ounce of integrity. He’s a lying scumbag who should be treated like he’s radioactive. He isn’t the only deceitful person or organization involved in this mess. I can’t say that NCLR wants open borders but I’ll confidently say that they’d love seeing the federal government to expand the visa program to such an extent that it wouldn’t be appreciably different.

Here’s the link to the PDF file that CRS sent to Sen. DeMint. It’s well worth reading.

Most importantly, fill the senators’ inboxes & dial the phone until your fingers are numb.

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