AFSCME Council 5 didn’t waste time to start their smear campaign against Jeff Johnson. Tuesday night, they issued this statement. Wednesday, they took to Twitter to smear Johnson:

In their Tuesday statement, AFSCME Council 5 called Jeff Johnson “a right wing extremist.” That’s likely because Jeff Johnson has specialized in highlighting the times when government has spent the taxpayers’ money foolishly.

That’s something that AFSCME Council 5 can’t tolerate. In fact, the DFL can’t tolerate a politician, whether he’s at the top of the executive branch or a member of the legislative branch, who spends the taxpayers’ money wisely. A politician who highlights the legislature’s spending of $90,000,000 on an office building that’s used 3 months a year might make life uncomfortable for a union like AFSCME.

AFSCME supported creating MNsure, which still isn’t working after the Dayton administration spent $160,000,000 on creating that website. AFSCME was the union that insisted that child care small businesses be unionized, too. If there’s a politician that AFSCME would fight for, it’s Gov. Dayton.

Most Minnesota families vehemently oppose spending $90,000,000 on a palace for part-time politicians. Jeff Johnson opposed the building, too. Gov. Dayton supported it. Most Minnesota families think that health care decisions should be made by physicians and families. Jeff Johnson agrees with them. Gov. Dayton thinks government should tell families what types of coverage they have to buy.

Gov. Dayton will spend this campaign telling people he helped the middle class. If he was honest, though, he’d tell them that he strengthened special interest organizations like AFSCME.

Minnesota needs a governor that sides with them. Minnesota doesn’t need a governor that agrees with Eliot Seide all the time.

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