Tomorrow morning, I’ll enthusiastically cast my primary vote for Jeff Johnson. The reasons I’ll cast my vote for Jeff are similar to why I’ll vote for Tom Emmer.

Though he hasn’t published a post to the Hennepin County Taxpayers Watchdog blog in over a year, it’s clear that Jeff Johnson isn’t afraid to highlight wasteful government spending. The fact that he’s willing to do that in the Twin Cities shows that, if he’s elected governor this November, he won’t hesitate in calling out Tom Bakk’s pork. He certainly won’t hesitate in line-item vetoing things that, had they happened while he was commissioner, would’ve earned the Golden Hydrant award.

Things like spending $500,000 on 10 artistic drinking fountains would’ve won the Golden Hydrant Award.

Simply put, Jeff’s a proven watchdog of the taxpayers’ money. The DFL legislature and Gov. Dayton trampled taxpayers the last 2 years. They spent money on things drunken sailors would’ve been ashamed of.

On that note, Jeff Johnson held a special event last week at the site of Gov. Dayton’s and the DFL legislature’s biggest pork project. Last week, Jeff held a mock groundbreaking ceremony for Sen. Bakk’s Senate Legislative Office Building, aka the SLOB.

That’s a $90,000,000 monument to the DFL’s disdain for the taxpayers. After the event, the Dayton administration and the DFL legislators who voted for that ‘monument’ issued a statement saying that they didn’t hold a groundbreaking ceremony because there’s a tight schedule to get the thing built. That’s BS.

Gov. Dayton didn’t hold a ground-breaking ceremony because he didn’t want that to be turned into an ad against him this election cycle. (You know something’s terrible when even Gov. Dayton thinks it’s excessive.)

I’m voting for Jeff Johnson because Jeff will be a reform-minded governor. That’s what’s required of Minnesota’s government at this critical point in our history.

I’ll also be voting against Marty Seifert. I’m voting against him because of the stunt he tried pulling at the GOP State Convention in Rochester.

Dave Thompson spoke at the podium and withdrew from the race, telling his delegates to support Jeff Johnson. When Mr. Seifert asked to address the delegates, it was understood that it would be to withdraw his name from the endorsement fight. Instead, he instructed his delegates that they could leave.

With that decision, Seifert alienated 2,000 delegates and alternates in a single action. Now he’s saying that he’s the right candidate to unite the party. What a joke. I suppose he’d unite people in opposing him. I’m fairly certain that isn’t the type of unification he’s talking about, though.

The bottom line is this: I have lots of reasons to enthusiastically pull the trigger for Jeff Johnson. He’ll be a great governor.

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7 Responses to “I’m voting for Jeff Johnson”

  • J. Ewing says:

    I will be voting against Seifert because he is incapable of simple math. If he had done the math, he would have realized that, between Johnson and Thompson, they had more than enough votes to endorse Johnson on the next ballot, regardless of whether the Seifert people left or not. And furthermore, even had a few of those Thompson people switched to Seifert (unlikely but possible), according to the rules, Johnson would have been endorsed by acclamation, by the last 3 people in the hall, if it came to that, after the next ballot. In short, Seifert could not change the outcome but would have been much better off simply keeping quiet and letting events take their course. That he couldn’t strikes me as hotheaded and egotistical– not desirable qualities in a candidate.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks for that observation, Jerry. You’re 100% right. That was instituted after the 2002 state convention when tons of delegates left the convention to prevent the convention from reaching an endorsement. That’s why it’s frequently called the Pawlenty rule. The Party’s constitution says that once a quorum is established, it’s established the rest of that day.

    UPDATE: Chris Tiedeman corrected me on the Pawlenty Rule. The change happened in the 1990s. It’s actually the ‘Boschwitz Rule.’

  • walter hanson says:


    As one of the hopeful delegates (I was an alternate and never got a chance to vote) I think people were leaving because they were tired. Remember it went from about noon when the voting first began to about six in the morning. And since nobody was going to come back after getting some sleep that was when the convention ended.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Actually, from what I heard, lots of McFadden in the Twin Cities filled in Saturday morning.

  • walter hanson says:


    Sorry I didn’t make myself clearer. I was referring to the 2002 convention. That started the governor nomination at about noon on Friday. Tim P finally won the endorsement at about six in the morning. By the way the Republicans during the counting of the ballots went and endorsed their other state officer candidates because they were afraid people might not come back after the governor’s race was finally decided. That was one reason why they were able to end the convention after Tim P got his endorsement.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Steve Schafer says:

    I voted for Seifert. He was the only candidate who responded to my inquiry as to whether he’d have signed the Vikings Stadium bill (had he been Governor) in 2012.

    He emphatically said No.

    But more importantly, Seifert has a specific-heavy plan to cut spending in this state.

    Yeah, a lot of delegates got their noses out of joint because of what Seifert did at the convention. Let’s not forget – these are some of the same delgates who’ve given us Allan Quist, Kurt Bills and Jon Grunseth as our nominess for Governor and Senator.

    Should Seifet have done what he did? No, it wasn’t right. But that hardly disqualifies him from consideration. One other point to consider. It has been said that the deleagtes are the bedrock of an candidates’ general election push and that Seifert permanently alienated them. Did he? because I’ve been around for a long enougn time to have seen just as many of these delegates up and disappear when the hard work needs to be done.

    Nonethrless, I will 100% back whoever wins tonight’s primary. This state cannot afford 4 more years of Governor Deer In The Headlights.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Steve, that’s certainly your right. Thanks for exercising it. Marty Seifert would definitely be a big improvement over Gov.-to-the-Special-Interests.

    That being said, Jeff’s shown that he’s got a plan to get spending under control. Also, Jeff’s got the type of personality you’d want your neighbor to have. That’s a great trait for a gubernatorial candidate to have.

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