Reading this LTE was painful, though I’m certain reading it isn’t a tenth as painful as writing it or living through it. Here’s the opening of the letter:

In March, while still enrolled at the university, I was physically assaulted by a fellow student. In addition to pressing charges, I filed a complaint against the individual through the appropriate university channels.

In May, he was “found responsible for violations of the Student Code of Conduct No. 3 (physical harm) and No. 4 (harassment)” and sanctioned to one year of university probation, “a written reprimand specifying the violation for which the student has been held responsible. According to University policies, participation in some University activities and programs may be restricted while on University Probation.”

I appealed the decision on the basis that I believed the sanction was far too lenient. In my appeal letter, I explained the sanction would have little, if any, impact on my assailant. I also described the debilitating psychological effects of the trauma and expressed my sincere belief the individual would reoffend. My appeal was denied. My story is not unique.

The punishment is too lenient. This is the university equivalent of Boko Haram getting a harshly worded letter from the UN. This student was assaulted. Charges have been filed. You’d think that President Potter would do something other than play the part of not-that-innocent bystander.

This is proof that he isn’t a leader. The probation, complete with written reprimand, was handed down in May. It’s now the end of July and President Potter hasn’t seen fit to change university policies regarding physical assaults on campus. What type of man doesn’t act when one of his students is physically assaulted?

This is the closing of the SCSU student’s LTE:

With Elliot Rodger’s fatal misogyny still fresh in our minds, and the increasing amount of criticism colleges are facing for not handling sexual assault cases appropriately, one would think colleges would be doing everything in their power to protect females. That does not seem to be the case.

Something needs to change.

I heartily agree, starting with harsher punishments for the perpetrators. It isn’t enough to put a student on probation. The student who allegedly committed this heinous act needs to be suspended from classes until this case is brought to court or is dropped. While he’s suspended, he shouldn’t be able to either leave the state or enroll at another MnSCU university or at the U of M.

The other thing that needs to change is that Chancellor Rosenstone and the Trustees need to bring President Potter into a meeting to find out why he didn’t act decisively to protect this young lady. The meeting shouldn’t brief. It shouldn’t be gentle, either.

President Potter needs to find out that he didn’t live up to his high office. He needs to hear that he failed this young lady. He needs to know that his behavior in this matter wasn’t decisive enough. He needs to know that his actions need to restore justice. President Potter needs to know that SCSU’s policies need to protect victims, not coddle people who allegedly commit assaultss.

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3 Responses to “SCSU student assaulted”

  • Patrick-M says:

    Shame on both of them. It’s time for Chancellor Rosenstone and President Potter to go. NOW!

  • Darlene T. says:

    In my professional life I hear from people from all walks of life, and reports from SCSU are not good; several examples follow.

    1 – After mandatory retirement a friend wanted to return as a temp a year later as allowed by SCSU policies, because she had loved working at SCSU so much. Her co-workers told her not to come back because of the terrible, low morale at the college. They said the whole atmosphere had changed dramatically.

    2 – A professor told me President Potter had called her in his office, yelled at her, and said things that were so upsetting, she got sick and was in bed for two days.

    3 – A married couple, both employees at SCSU, retired early because of President Potter. After telling me their opinions about him, they said “I hope you’re not related to him!”

    4 – A business man in the area of SCSU told me President Potter is the worst thing that ever happened to SCSU.

    So although I am not physically involved at SCSU, it is quite obvious there are problems with the administration that are not being addressed.

    Why is it that politicians who use our tax dollars to pay these people are unwilling to deal with problems like this. They seem to want to protect people like President Potter. Has any of them ever even TALKED to him about what’s happening over there?! I’d like to hear about one of these conversations if they have.

    One does not have to go far to hear negative reports about SCSU. It is small wonder that people no longer have any confidence in our government when they refuse to address problems in the public arena, that, I’m sure, they would address if these problems existed in their own businesses. Especially if their employees were paid as well as President Potter is paid.

  • Jarrett says:

    Instead of being pillars of higher education, turns out Rosenstone and Potter are simply an insult to any normal persons intelligence. This “diversity minded” duo has an agenda that make headlines and NO SENSE.
    Financial responsibility only comes to mind when discussing self serving rock start salaries.
    This is really horrifying when you throw in the PR manager, The St Cloud Times

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