Last week, House Majority PAC, Nancy Pelosi’s PAC, started running an utterly dishonest ad, which was also paid for by AFSCME. Todaay, WDIO and KSTP took those deceitful ads. According to a letter sent to both stations by the Mills campaign, the ads were defamatory because they spliced together 3 separate sentences to make it sound like Stewart Mills say something he’s never said. Here’s what the ad says:

HMP/AFSCME Advertisement: “…folks saying that ‘the wealthy, the wealthy are not paying their fair share.”

Full Context (11:22): “What happened in the last round of elections, where you had folks saying that ‘the wealthy, the wealthy are not paying their fair share, that there’s all these loopholes and they don’t pay any taxes and we have to make them pay more.”

HMP/AFSCME Advertisement: “…the 2%, the 1%, whatever percent you want…”

Full Context (14:48): “How come we are not generating the jobs in Northeastern Minnesota that we otherwise would? Well I can tell you why. Because the overwhelming group of people that run businesses, that have the ability to employ
people are taxed at that personal rate. They are the villains, they’re the bad guys. They’re the ones that quote are not paying their fair share. They’re the ones quote that ‘the 2%, the 1%, whatever percent you want.”

HMP/AFSCME Advertisement: “…is personally offensive.”

Full Context (12:10): “To be singled out as a deadbeat is personally offensive.”

Simply put, Nancy Pelosi is a deceitful, despicable person. This ad took words from three separate paragraphs and spliced them together to look like a single sentence.

The letter outlines the Mills Campaign’s complaints:

The advertisement then goes on to suggest that Stewart Mills opposes raising the minimum wage but provides no documentation to support that assertion. In fact Stewart Mills’s family business, Mills Fleet Farm, pays all its workers above minimum wage and he has been repeatedly on the record raising all workers’ wages in actuality by growing the economy.

The advertisement next falsely claims that Stewart Mills, “wants another tax break for the wealthy.” Again the advertisement provides nothing to backup this assertion. Stewart Mills doesn’t believe that and has never said that. His position is that we need broad based tax reform to make a simpler, fairer tax code which creates jobs on Main Street Minnesota.

Finally, the advertisement ends with more slander by again clipping the “personally offensive” line and claiming “because paying his fair share is ‘personally offensive.’” As shown above the “personally offensive” clip is taken from a sentence which had nothing to do with “paying his fair share.”

After outlining the complaints, the Mills campaign highlighted the legal justification for pulling the ad:

The false ad bankrolled by AFSCME/House Majority PAC against Stewart Mills does not constitute a “candidate use.” Under Columbia Broadcasting Sys., Inc. v. Democratic Nat’l Comm., 412 U.S. 94 (1973), and Nat’l Conservative Political Action Comm., 89 FCC 2d 626 (1982), your station is not obligated to air any advertisements from third parties, such as the AFSMCE/House Majority PAC, as third parties have no guaranteed right of access to air their advertisements on your station.

Finally, the Mills campaign highlights the fact that the stations aren’t protected legally if they run the ads:

Thus, broadcasting stations are not protected from legal liability for airing a false and misleading advertisement sponsored by the AFSCME/House Majority PAC. Moreover, broadcast licensees have a legal responsibility to review and to eliminate any false, misleading, or deceptive materials contained in advertising.

That’s likely why WDIO and KSTP dropped the ad so quickly.

There’s no indication that the Nolan campaign coordinated their activities with Ms. Pelosi’s PAC. That isn’t the point, though. Pelosi’s PAC clearly won’t hesitate in putting together some dihonest ads together. This isn’t the only ad that HMP paid for that’s been criticized for its dishonesty:

The nonpartisan stamped the “bogus” label on a House Majority PAC ad in West Virginia that accused Republican candidate Evan Jenkins, a state senator trying to unseat Democratic Rep. Nick J. Rahall II, of vowing to repeal black lung disease benefits for coal miners.

The watchdog group also questioned a TV spot by the super PAC in Arizona that heaped praise on Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, calling her an Obamacare whistleblower.

This month, AARP in West Virginia disavowed the super PAC’s use of the AARP logo in another TV ad attacking Mr. Jenkins. The ad suggested that the seniors group opposed the Republican and said he wanted to privatize Social Security.

“AARP had no prior knowledge of, nor authorized, any ad from the House Majority PAC that mentions AARP and uses the AARP logo, and we did not participate in its production,” West Virginia AARP State Director Gaylene Miller said in a statement.

Saying that Ms. Pelosi’s PAC isn’t that concerned with accuracy is understatement. Putting it as succinctly as I know how, Ms. Pelosi will say or do anything to flip a Republican seat or protect a Democrat seat. She’s shown that she didn’t hesitate in lying in these ads. Why would anyone think she’ll change now?

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9 Responses to “Defamatory Pelosi PAC ad taken down”

  • Sheila Van Houten says:

    Thank you for calling out these deceitful people. How stupid do they really think we are? They didn’t even do a good job of it because anyone who listens closely can hear that “TO SAY that anyone who pays 2% or whatever % is not paying their fair share is personally offensive to me”!!!! How do people like Pelosi continue to stay in office??? It’s appalling. I finally had to look the whole thing up on the internet, and here I am. Apparently stupidity and dishonesty is still the name of the game.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Sheila, the unfortunate part is that they think we’re exceptionally stupid. They really think they can get away with telling their supporters that they just edited Stewart’s speech sso it’d fit into a 30-second ad. That’s BS. They snipped and spliced Stewart’s speech until they created a new sentence.

    That isn’t editing. That’s creating.

  • Sheila Van Houten says:

    (It wasn’t taken down, by the way. I just saw it again on KARE 11. It should be removed with no exceptions.)

    So far, Al Franken is the only office holder who speaks of what he has accomplished while in office. How refreshing. I may just vote for him, too, because of that very thing.

  • Sheila Van Houten says:

    Gary, so true, so disturbing.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Sheila, I’m supporting Mike McFadden for US Senate because he’s the only candidate in the race that supports mining jobs on the Iron Range.

    The median household income in St. Louis County is $46,231. The statewide average is $59,126. In Eveleth, the median household income is $35,500, almost $25,000 a year less than the statewide average.

    Those families need real jobs, not someone who says he supports mining, then disappears when it’s time to do the heavy lifting.

    Mike McFadden enthusiastically supports mining on the Range. That’s what those impoverished families need.

    Isn’t that worth voting for? Don’t those families deserve that from us?

  • I knew there was a reason why I revisited this page! Thank you, Gary!

  • Yes, they do, and we will vote for Mike McFadden now that you have brought our attention to this.

    Just because a campaign can out together a few ads that look good doesn’t mean they’re the best candidate! I re-thought that whole thing.

    Happy voting, Gary!

  • walter hanson says:


    Just curious are you talking about the add that Franken did claiming that he took on Wall Street and helped reform the house market? Because if that is the one he lied during the commercial.

    * For starters what caused the housing market to fall apart was that loans were being given out to people who should’ve never been given loans. In part they got the loans because groups like ACORN pressured the banks to do it and a government agency was willing to guarantee the loans. It wasn’t being in New York saying that bond put up by the bank were good (I’ll get to that in a minute).

    * President George Bush tried to reform the government agencies that were giving out these bad loan guarantees. Bush’s efforts to reform the government agencies were stopped by the people who wrote the law that Franken is totting. Not exactly a good thing to be bragging about.

    * The agencies which Franken attacked put ratings out on the bonds. Since the rating is based on will you get your principal back if there was a federal government agency guaranteeing the payment it is the job of the agency to give a good rating to the bond. Thus they did nothing wrong.

    * And Franken didn’t talk about how one of the agencies have correctly said that the US government is not a AAA credit risk (which is the warning that Franken wanted on the housing bonds). The result of that is that they are being sued falsely to try to silence them from giving out the correct warning.

    Now if you think Franken is doing a good job answer this question. You’re a banker. I walk in and I ask for a loan of $20,000. I make $37,000 a year and have debt of $170,000. Will you give me that loan? Of course not. Yet Al Franken wants the US government to make that loan since he won’t support serious efforts to balance the federal budget. By the way if you didn’t figure it out those numbers I just gave you are based on current federal income and federal debt.

    So given that you don’t realize how bad a job Al Franken is doing it’s nice to know if you’re as open minded as you claim you are that you will vote for Mike McFadden to vote Franken out of office.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Sheila, Thanks for that comment. You’ve put a big smile on my face. Hell, you’ve made my entire weekend! Iron Range voters (and across the state) have been voting for the DFL that existed 25 years ago. That political party put mining families and blue collar workers first.

    I’d be lying if I said Republicans were the new party of the little guy. I wouldn’t be lying, though, if I said Republicans are the party that wants to see everyone succeed. That’s what capitalism does best. People with great ideas who work hard flourish. People that work hard and play by the rules should get ahead.

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