Minutes ago, I received this email alert from the Johnson for Governor campaign:

July 28, 2014 Ph: 612-209-9351

NEWS RELEASE: Johnson Campaign Raises $169,595 Since June Report

GOLDEN VALLEY—Jeff Johnson, the Republican-endorsed candidate for Governor, has raised $169,595 since the June 16th campaign finance report.

His campaign had $122,886 cash on hand as of July 21.

“Our campaign is on track for a victory in the primary,” said Scot Crockett, Johnson’s campaign manager. “We have an active voter contact program with primary voters, television ads are being released, and we are working with the Republican Party to get out the vote on primary day,” Crockett said.

“I am confident that we will win in August, and beat Mark Dayton in November,” Crockett concluded.

While this isn’t a blockbuster total, it’s definitely a significant improvement over Johnson’s last fundraising report. Johnson’s trend is definitely heading in the right direction.

The Johnson campaign is heading in the right direction, too. Over the weekend, they hit Gov. Dayton with their sharpest criticism of the campaign:

“I believe strongly that if Dayton wins, PolyMet will not happen. He is getting and responding to great, great pressure from environmentalists. Saw it at the DFL Convention when they got a resolution on copper/nickel tabled,” Johnson said.

Hitting Gov. Dayton with this criticism in the Mesabi Daily News will have an impact. I’ve been reading MDN for about 4 years now. If I had to give MDN a nickname, it’d be the ‘Miners Daily News’ because their editor, Bill Hanna, focuses like a laser beam on mining issues.

While I wish the MNGOP had more cash on hand, the fact is that they’ve helped their endorsed candidates with their Victory Centers throughout the state. That’s likely helped Jeff Johnson’s GOTV operation. While this doesn’t guarantee a Johnson victory in the primary, it’s definitely helping unite the party.

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