According to this article, the DFL, specifically Phyllis Kahn’s attorney, is admittig that voter fraud exists:

And that same day, Kahn campaign attorney Brian Rice filed a petition with Hennepin County calling into question the voter registrations of about 140 people at a single address in the Minneapolis district. Hennepin County officials are preparing to perform an inquiry based on allegations in the petition.

According to the document, which provides a list of people who have registered their residence as 419 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis, that address is a mailbox facility. Apartments above the building that make up multiple addresses don’t contain any of the same names in their registry as those who are registered to vote at the address. It is illegal under Minnesota law for voters to cast a ballot outside of the districts they live in, and a voter registration must include a person’s place of residence as the listed address. “People have to be registered where they live, and you can’t live in a mailbox,” Rice said in an interview with Capitol Report. “You can’t register out of a mailbox and vote in Minnesota.”

This is delicious irony. For years, DFL demagogues insisted that voter fraud didn’t exist. They’d insist that Minneosta’s electio system was the gold standard for the nation. They’d insist that the recounts were proof of Minnesota’s great system.

Now that its ox that’s getting gored, however, the DFL is admitting that voter fraud exists. Brian Rice is right about the law. The people that registered to vote with this address are ineligible to vote. Period. The law is exceptioally clear. I say this without knowing how many of these registrants voted for Phyllis Kahn or Mohamud Noor. I say this without knowing what the outcome of the primary will be.

It’s irrelevant becaues the law is pretty straightforward. It isn’t ambiguous. It’s fair. If a candidate can’t win by obeying the rules, they don’t deserve to win.

This incident is proof that the DFL a) knew voter fraud existed, b) didn’t mind voter fraud as long as Republicans were the ones getting hurt and c) didn’t hesitate in lying in 2012 about the Photo ID amendment on the Minnesota ballot.

Now that we have proof positive that voter fraud exists and it’s hurting a DFL candidate, will the DFL finally admit that we need to tighten up our voting requirements? I’m betting against it. The DFL benefits from voter fraud more than it’s hurt by it. The only thing that’ll change things is if voters get fed up with voter fraud and elect legislators and a governor who support election reform.

That won’t happen with the DFL controlling the House or the Senate or if there’s a Democrat as governor. They’re the party that benefits from voter fraud. They’re corrupt enough to care only about winning. They’re the party that doesn’t care about disenfranchising legal voters.

That won’t change anytime soon.

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  • walter hanson says:


    It should be obvious the first thing that the Republican Secretary of State candidate should be talking about when he or she makes their campaign appearances.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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