It’s stunning what Gov. Dayton said about Medtronic moving their headquarters to Ireland:

Gov. Mark Dayton sees good news in Medtronic’s $43 billion deal to buy Irish medical device maker, Covidien.

“As I look at the project as governor of Minnesota, this is a good deal for the people of our state,” the governor said on Monday.

Dayton said he was personally assured by Medtronic’s CEO Omar Ishrak that, while the company would move its headquarters to Ireland, it would keep its operational headquarters in Minnesota. The result would mean that not only would the company keep its existing 8,000 employees in the state, it would also add an additional 1,000 Minnesota workers in the coming years.

Years ago, Northwest Airlines struck a deal with the state. One of the things that pushed the deal through was the number of jobs Northwest would create in Minnesota. Though the deal was signed into law, the reality is that the jobs were never created.

In fact, when Delta bought Northwest, they moved Northwest’s headquarters to Atlanta.

Why would a skeptical person believe that Medtronic will create those 1,000 jobs, especially in light of this statement?

Opponents of the income tax hikes the DFL governor pushed have laid blame on Dayton for the company’s decision to move its headquarters to Ireland. Dayton said that blame is ill-founded.

“Minnesota taxes were not an issue in their decision, Minnesota taxes (on Medtronic) will remain essentially the same,” he said.

With the DFL on a major spending binge, it’s only a matter of time before the DFL attempts to raise taxes again. There’s no certainty that Minnesota’s corporate tax rate will remain essentially the same. I’m not supporting Scott Honour but he’s right with this statement:

But Scott Honour, a former venture capitalist also running to unseat Dayton, said the governor is the one who doesn’t understand what’s going on.

“Governor Dayton is dangerously out of touch if he thinks it’s ‘tremendous news’ when one of Minnesota’s flagship companies moves its headquarters to another country. This is a slap across the face telling Minnesota and America to wake up,” Honour said on Monday. “Our tax and regulatory policies are chasing away Minnesota’s best companies.”

It’s apparent that Gov. Dayton doesn’t know how to build a flourishing economy statewide. The question Minnesotans, especially the Rangers, have to ask themselves is whether they’re better off now than they were 4 years ago. Simply put, Rangers definitely aren’t.

This isn’t the first flagship businesses that’s left the state during Gov. Dayton’s time in office. I wrote this post about Nash Finch and Cargill leaving Minnesota.

This exodus started on Gov. Dayton’s watch and while the DFL controlled the legislature. This isn’t coincidental. It’s happening because Gov. Dayton and the DFL majorities in legislature were increasing spending and raising taxes. Those things have told businesses that the DFL saw them as ATMs for expanding government, not as engines to build a prosperous Minnesota.

The frightening thing about Gov. Dayton’s statement is that it I can’t tell if he’s serious of if he’s just lying to cover his butt.

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3 Responses to “Gov. Dayton: Medtronic leaving is a good deal”

  • J. Ewing says:

    How about a third possibility? Perhaps Dayton has no idea of what he is talking about? Like most politicians who spent too much time in the fever swamps and opiate dens, he has lost all connection with reality. I know we have to report and refute these insane babblings, but we don’t need to speculate for the underlying reason. It doesn’t matter WHY he is damaging the economy, does it?

  • walter hanson says:


    We already know that Dayton has no idea what he is talking about. The problem is we have to demonstrate this to the voters so they will kick him out of office.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Rich says:

    To be a Democrat, one has to have a sense of whimsy, which allows individuals to surmise the present, with all it’s problems, is somehow less important than the vision the soft in the head dfl has for world. Plans which include hiring more lackeys for another wasteful government agency we don’t need! I wonder how a federal employee sleeps at night knowing their exorbitant union wages and their pensions are draining the life out of the economy, I always thought the right was greedy until I see what unfettered control the great dictator can exercise for his own socialist agenda, and the integrity-challenged media just can’t get the brown off their noses, but I digress. Mr. Dayton must have severe brain damage to think bonding a billion dollars is a good idea when the same year we have a $900,000,000 overage? Really? Light rail? Thanks again, screw up the already poorly designed roads for an unused wasteful train system? Awesome job! After the House and Senate pass a comprehensive medical marijuana bill, the imbecile Dayton doesn’t like it so he carves it up into a truly dangerous piece of legislation that keeps the power out of the hands of the people who need it, and places it in the hands of more government/big business partnerships which benefit no one! Minnesotans needs to stop electing morons/comedians, same thing! Someone who has passed economics 101 maybe? We will continue to slide towards our own demise if we keep voting for more free stuff; nothing is free, and not for the freedom to seize our own destiny, or we risk losing what rights we have left. When the government gets to tell us what we can have today. Does Scott Walker have a brother?

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