The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has issued their report card on who best represented their interests. According to their report, the DFL Senate leadership team of Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller, Assistant Majority Leader Tarryl Clark & Senate President James Metzen each got failing grades. Here’s the criteria the Chamber used:

MN 2007: S.F. 1024 (Business Taxes), Final Passage The Senate Omnibus Tax Bill increases the statewide property tax, paid by commercial, industrial and utility property, and increases the tax on Minnesota companies that use the foreign operating corporation structure. The Chamber opposes S.F. 1024 as a whole, even though there are two items within the bill, an up-front exemption for capital equipment and the acceleration of sales-only apportionment, that the Chamber supports.
MN 2007: S.F. 1611 (Income Tax), Final Passage The Minnesota Chamber opposes S.F. 1611, which creates a new 4th tax bracket for the individual income tax at 9.7%, the highest state income tax rate in the nation. This affects many small business owners that flow their business income through their personal income taxes.
MN 2007: S.F. 1986 (Transportation), Final Passage This is the Senate Transportation Finance bill, which the Minnesota Chamber opposes. The bill is heavy on taxes and fees for businesses. The Minnesota Chamber supports a more moderate package but this bill fails the cost-benefit analysis.

All but 12 DFL senators voted against Minnesota small business owners 100 percent of the time. All DFL senators voted for tax increases of some kind.

Similarly, the Chamber also issued its report card for the House. Of the four people who represent the Central Minnesota area, Republicans Steve Gottwalt & Dan Severson had perfect ratings with the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. Larry Haws voted against the Chamber’s wishes 4 out of 5 times. Larry Hosch of St. Joe & Al Doty voted against the Chamber’s wishes all 5 times.

It’s worth noting that the DFL House leadership of Margaret Anderson-Kelliher & Tony Sertich voted against small businesses & the Chamber all 5 times, too. The easy conclusion to draw from these statistics is that the DFL’s voting record this session was hostile to small businesses. They passed tax increases that would’ve strapped small businesses.

UPDATE: Here’s the official breakdown of the Senate DFL:

Thirty three of the forty five DFL senators voted for all of the tax increases bills. Eight DFL senators voted for two of the three tax increases. The other four DFL senators voted for one of the tax increase bills.

Here’s the breakdown of the House DFL on increasing taxes:

Of the 85 House Democrats, 63 voted for all 3 tax increases while 15 others voted for 2 of the 3 tax increases.

This simply reinforces what GOP activists already knew. To take this a step further, the House & Senate GOP leaders got perfect ratings from the Chamber.

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