A few days ago, Nancy Pelosi spoke about the VA crisis in a dishonest way. Here’s the video showing Ms. Pelosi’s dishonesty:

Here’s what she said that’s infuriating:

Maybe when we go into war, we should be thinking about its consequences and its ramifications. You would think that would be a given. But maybe, it wasn’t and so we go into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan and we leave Afghanistan for Iraq with unfinished business in Afghanistan. Ten years later, we have all these additional veterans.

This is the latest Democrat chanting point. Predictably, it’s dishonest. Ed Morrissey’s post highlights something Chairman Jeff Miller said in last night’s hearing:

‘Why have you not told this committee yet who was disciplined in Augusta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina, where nine veterans died because they were on a waiting list for colonoscopies?’ [Rep. Jeff] Miller asked [Mooney].

The fact that 9 vets died while waiting for colonoscopies is telling. That’s because a doctor wouldn’t order a colonoscopy to diagnose whether a vet is suffering from PTSD. What makes sense of the colonoscopies is that it sounds like the type of test that veterans from the Vietnam War or Operation Desert Storm would receive once every 5-10 years because they’re Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers require more care as they age. According to Kim Strassel of the WSJ, the vast majority of the costs for VA hospitals is for treating Baby Boomers as they get to that age when they get treated more often.

It’s apparent that Ms. Pelosi’s diatribe was an attempt to deflect attention away from the VA system’s failures by talking about Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s intentional misdirection and it’s shameful.

The truth is that Gen. Shinseki and his executive staff didn’t pay attention to the problem. Ed’s questions are the right questions:

What’s missing? Accountability. There isn’t one word of explanation about what Shinseki has done over the last five and a half years since taking over the Department of Veteran Affairs to prevent this kind of systemic fraud and widespread collapse, even after having his budget increased by 78% during his tenure by Congress. In the past six budget cycles, Shinseki has received $235 billion in extra funding over the FY2008 baseline for the VA budget. Where did the money go? What has Shinseki been doing for the past five-plus years? He writes this essay as if he’d just landed on the job, not as if he’d been in charge all along.

Call Shinseki’s stunt the ‘Obama Gambit’ in honor of the man who’s pretended that he’s never been president.

This administration has been in charge for almost 6 years. They’re still acting like they’re going through the transition from the Bush administration. The cabinet posts have been filled for 5+ years but nobody’s done a thing. Hillary didn’t get urgent cables from the ambassador serving in a dangerous part of the world. President Obama didn’t know about the IRS scandal until he read about it in the newspaper. Apparently, Gen. Shinseki didn’t know about this VA crisis until the Phoenix whistleblower stepped to the microphone.

It’s like a baseball manager filling out a lineup card, then not sending the players onto the field. This administration won’t make decisions. They’re more pontificators than administrators.

The VA crisis is the predictable outcome from an administration that specializes in talking, not doing.

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