This morning, I wrote this article about Rep. Rick Nolan’s cancelled fundraiser with convicted pedophile Peter Yarrow. Yarrow was convicted in 1970 of “making ‘immoral and improper’ actions with an underage girl.”

That’s a little too politically correct for me. The unabridged, politically incorrect version of the story is that Yarrow is a convicted pedophile who did unspeakable things to a 14-year-old girl and her 17-year-old sister. While Nolan insists that Yarrow has “done a lot of good for a lot of people,” the truth is that those children are scarred for life. They’ll never be whole again.

Unfortunately, this is just the most recent incident involving the DFL and a pedophile. In 2012, State Rep. Kelly Gauthier was caught in an almost equally disgusting act of pedophilia:

State Patrol will confirm that one witness approached a trooper around 11 at night on July 22nd to report an incident.

The State Patrol turned the investigation over to the Duluth Police Department. Well placed sources today told the Northland’s NewsCenter, the incident involved a 17 year old boy with whom Gauthier was reportedly engaged in a sexual act.

Because the age of consent in Minnesota is 16, it is not illegal to have sex with someone who is 17. However it can be a misdemeanor to engage in sex acts in a public place.

Our sources say Representative Gauthier met the young man on Craig’s List and that police are investigating the potential that money changed hands which could make it a criminal matter.

I suspect that most Minnesotans wouldn’t be satisfied with 16 being able to consent. I suspect that most Minnesotans would be disgusted with a forty-something-year-old having sex with a 17-year-old. I’m betting most Minnesotans would define that as pedophilia even if the courts wouldn’t.

What’s worse is that DFL Chairman Ken Martin and DFL House Speaker Paul Thissen knew about Rep. Gauthier’s actions in July, 2012, which is more than a month before this news broke. Martin and Thissen protected that disgusting person for more than a month before word got out.

The sad truth is that, whether we’re talking about Peter Yarrow hosting a fundraiser for Rick Nolan or Paul Thissen hiding Rep. Gauthier’s public sexual conduct with a 17-year-old, the DFL isn’t outraged by the actions of creeps like Peter Yarrow and Kelly Gauthier.

That’s a history I’d want suppressed if I were a Democrat. That’s a history I’d be disgusted with if I was just an average citizen.

It’s time that the DFL stopped making excuses for disgusting excuses of a human being. It’s time they actually stood against pedophiles.

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One Response to “The DFL’s history of pedophilia”

  • Gretchen Leisen says:

    Your concept that the Democrat party is an “immoral party” is actually backed up by facts. The liberalism/leftism that has taken over total control of the Democrat Party allows for rapid changes in long-held values which have built up the western world and the USA in particular.

    So, we have seen the shift in values of the Democrats from pro-life to anti-life [pro-abortion}; from traditional marriage to same sex marriage to whatever is the next fad in ‘marriage definition’ according to leftists; from having a balance budget to totally ignoring a need for any budget process at all [witness Harry Reid’s US Senate]; to embracing every anti-God, anti-Christian notion that raises it’s head – trying to take ‘under God out of the Pledge of Allegiance; Trying to eliminate “in God We Trust” from US coins; Eliminating the word “God” from the 2012 Nat’l Democrat platform-and when the party leaders recognized this as a dangerous political move, they tried to add back “under God” to the platform through a voice vote. It took three tries to decipher which group yelled “Aye” the loudest – the pro-God vs the anti-God group. Finally, the “chair of the convention” ruled that the aye forces had prevailed whereupon the anti-God voices emitted an unusually loud voice of disapproval.

    The national Democrats have forced all “blue-dog” Democrats out of the party leaderships in DC; they have consistently voted against national defense; they challenge the constitution and the Bill of Right all the time, railing against freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom the bear arms. They use speech police to shut up political foes; they disregard federal laws on fund-raising; they use every trick to shut down private enterprises; they have defined racism as a sin that only whites are guilty of; they have failed to give equal protection under the law to all citizens regardless of race, creed, or political inclination; they have insisted that religious institutions engaged in charity work, be forced to pay taxes for purposes that the said religious groups oppose on moral grounds; likewise private citizens whose consciences are assaulted by such demands of the government.

    I could go on and on. I rest my case.

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