If this video doesn’t frighten policymakers, then they’re comatose:

Here’s the heart of Jay Koll’s article on the MNsure crisis:

Lawmakers who supported passage of MNsure legislation indicated, at the time, that private health insurance plans would be the key to making MNsure self-sustaining.

MNsure issued a news release touting enrollment numbers. It says MNsure has nearly reached its goal of 135,000 people enrolled for 2014, needing only 5,000 more people to sign up to reach that goal. But lawmakers who supported MNsure told taxpayers private health care plans were the key to sustaining MNsure financially.

KSTP looked at those two important categories and found troubling numbers. For individuals, MNsure has an open enrollment goal of 69,904 but so far only has 35,610. For small businesses, MNsure wants 8,925 people signed up by March 31 but right now only has 790 people enrolled.

Simply put, MNsure is just barely 50% of the way to their individual market goal. They’re less than 10% of the way towards their small businesses goal. Earlier this week, I wrote this article highlighting MNsure’s failure with young invincibles. Here’s the key statistic from that article:

Estimates are that 40 percent of enrollees need to be in that demographic to provide baseline ACA funding. As of Wednesday, only about 20,400 (16 percent) were ages 26-34, well short of the ideal goal of 54,000.

Let’s summarize the MNsure disaster. Enrollments in qualified health plans, aka QHPs, are falling far short of expectations. Enrollments for small businesses are falling incredibly short of expectations (less than 10% of expectations.) The young invincibles, ages 26-34, are staying away in disturbing numbers.

Recently, the DFL has criticized Republicans for highlighting MNsure’s shortcomings, saying that Republicans haven’t offered a solution. That’s a hollow criticism because Democrats haven’t admitted that the ACA is failing this miserably. Thus far, their statements have focused on the functionality of the website. The Democrats’ statements haven’t focused on the enrollment facts, which are falling far short of the Democrats’ readjusted (downward) goals.

This isn’t complicated. It’s obvious that families don’t like the product that’s being offered. The quickest solution is to offer families products that they like. That’s impossible because the ACA, aka Obamacare, dictates what’s in the QHP’s policies.

First, government shouldn’t tell people that they have to buy something they don’t want. It’s one thing to require car insurance because that protects other motorists. Health insurance protects families. Period. Second, government shouldn’t tell families what coverages they have to have in their health insurance policies.

Based on all the information that’s out there, it’s pretty clear that families are saying no to Obamacare/MNsure. They’re saying no because, in their estimation, the product they’re getting isn’t worth the price they’d pay. Until Democrats fix that part of the equation, the numbers will continue to tank.

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