Apparently, Al Franken thinks he’s in a competitive race. The first sign that he thinks he’s in a competitive race is that he’s sending out fundraising appeals almost daily. Here’s Sen. Franken’s latest fundraising appeal:

“American Crossroads Preparing to Enter the Game.”
— Roll Call, 2/7/2014

Have you heard of American Crossroads?

It is a super PAC that spent more than $104 million in the 2012 elections. Apparently, they’re getting ready to spend big again.

And the man behind the Crossroads curtain is none other than Karl Rove — who recently called me out by name and pointed to Minnesota as a pickup opportunity for Republicans in 2014.

Crossroads is firing up the attack machine. We need to be ready to fight back. And this month, that means hitting our $200,000 goal. Can you give $5 or more before the deadline?

American Crossroads is one of those groups spawned by Citizens United. And let me tell you, Rove and his pals have a great reason not to like me.

It’s not because they don’t like my jokes. They know I don’t support the special interest, anti-middle class, Karl Rove agenda. I support the protecting Medicare, preserving net neutrality, reversing Citizens United agenda.

I work for families, not super PACs. They may have millions of dollars to spend on attacks, but I’ve got something better: You.

I know you are all committed to strengthening our grassroots efforts. So let’s make sure we’re ready for whatever Rove can throw at us. Give $5 or more toward our $200,000 goal today.

Thank you for your help this month.


I’ll give Franken this: he’s got chutzpah. What other person would whine about Karl Rove’s “special interest, anti-middle class agenda” after voting for every major piece of President Obama’s economic agenda that’s left the nation’s economy struggling? Sen. Franken’s ideological blinders won’t let him admit that Obama’s economic agenda has crippled job growth, stunted economic growth and given special breaks to President Obama’s biggest bundlers. (Think Solyndra, aka taxpayer-subsidized boondoggles.)

For all his whining about Karl Rove’s special interest, anti-middle class policies, Franken has voted for initiatives that’ve left the middle class working part-time or part of the army of chronically unemployed people who’ve been searching for jobs since 2009.

Sen. Franken, why haven’t you supported the Keystone XL Pipeline project? The State Department’s report says environmental impact will be minimal. Is it because you’re beholden to anti-science militant environmentalists? Apparently, you don’t give a damn about blue collar workers who would be put to work building that pipeline.

Sen. Franken, why haven’t you supported the PolyMet precious metals mining project in your own state? Is it because you won’t say no to Minnesota’s militant environmentalists? Is it because you only support blue collar union miners in word, not deed?

That’s the definition of being controlled by anti-middle class special interests. Minnesota deserves better. Minnesota deserves a senator who’ll fight for the middle class.

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3 Responses to “Frightened Franken fighting back?”

  • walter hanson says:


    I’ll give Al credit for fighting to be reelected since Republicans in the US House and US Senate by their acts of surrender to Obama on everything are acting like they don’t want to be an opposition party and get elected.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    That’s why having the House but not the Senate matters. Shutting down government didn’t work well. Get out of the way & tee up the midterms on our terms.

  • walter hanson says:


    The real problem with the Senate is if all 45 Republicans had been willing to say we will stand on this:

    * No immigration bill with amnesty

    * no CR until changes to Obamacare were put into the bill

    * No debt increase unless real reforms like Keystone is approved.

    I can go on, but if they had just stood with the House Bills we could’ve achieved great things. Instead a bunch of Republicans in the Senate gave Obama and Harry Reid the clean CR on spending they needed, the clean debt ceiling increase they needed, caved on immigration so if the House has one week moment until next January we have the amnesty bill pased.

    That’s one reason why whoever the Republican running against Franken is going to have a tough time because some votes will think there is no difference on who is the US Senator.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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