I wrote here that the St. Cloud Times had published my LTE about MNsure’s failings. Predictably, one of the lefty trolls that inhabit the Times’ message board tried taking me to task for what I’d written:

“We can definitely do better than that.”

How’s that for a typical Conservative/Tbagger response? Not a suggestion on how to do it differently – just that it should be done differently. How easy is it to whine and complain? I hope he didn’t strain himself with the thought that went into this.

What a surprise. I thought someone might give a suggestion about what could be done to make it better, but NO! They don’t know how to make it better they just know they deserve more and better. Yeah, sure.

I decided not to respond to this troll’s comments because I didn’t want to deal with her in that setting. That being said, there’s something worth learning from this troll’s snide comments.

Implicit in this troll’s comments is that I have an affirmative responsibility to fix the DFL-created mess. Conservatives should ignore that argument. If they aren’t legislators, they don’t have a responsibility for fixing the DFL’s messes. It’s more than that, though.

While it’s true that it likely was impossible to make MNsure work, it’s also true that Gov. Dayton’s total indifference to MNsure is something that activists and legislators can’t fix this session. We can fix it through next November’s election but that’s a different story.

In the LTE, I highlighted the fact that the DFL co-chairs of the MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee didn’t hold oversight hearings for almost 4 months. I noted that this was while MNsure was going through a series of crises and while April Todd-Malmlov was taking a 2-week Costa Rican vacation with her lover.

Again, what legislation will fix partisan apathy towards a crisis? Rep. Atkins and Sen. Lourey alone have the authority to call hearings of that oversight committee. The ranking member can call for hearings but that legislator doesn’t have the authority to gavel in an oversight committee hearing.

Again, the remedy is defeating a bunch of DFL legislators next November so that a Republican legislator is picked by the incoming speaker to co-chair the committee.

As for the rest of this troll’s snotty remarks, I won’t respond substantively to them because they aren’t substantive comments. I’d recommend that approach whenever a DFL activist tries getting into a pissing match. That’s what ABM, TakeAction Minnesota, AFSCME and other DFL special interest groups specialize in.

That’s their specialty because they’re incapable of making substantive arguments. The reality is that ABM’s entire arsenal consists of smearing people and making non sequitur arguments.

When it comes to social media, the best response is to not directly respond to the trolls. Instead, it’s better to start your own, substantive argument on MNsure. Highlight the fact that there aren’t any legislative fixes for gubernatorial incompetence. Highlight the fact that there isn’t a legislative fix when the co-chairs of an oversight committee aren’t interested in finding out why the exchange is careening from crisis to crisis without a project manager in place.

It’s time to make the DFL explain why they weren’t interested in correcting MNsure’s overabundance of major mistakes. They created it. They broke it. They ignored it. It’s their responsibility to fix it.

Unfortunately, Minnesota families are hurting thanks to the DFL’s initiatives.

3 Responses to “Fixing MNsure”

  • Patrick-M says:

    So you totally screw up and you get rewarded! awesome. NOT
    14 MNsure managers got bonuses for work on balky website
    by JACKIE CROSBY, Star Tribune, Jan. 30, 2014

    Subheading: More than $26,000 was awarded before problems were exposed.. I guess they wanted to make sure the redistribution of taxpayer money was completed before everyone caught on.

  • Rex Newman says:

    Since when do you get bonuses before a project is even done? Note to GOP: introduce a bill to prohibit bonuses to state employees. In today’s job market, there is no need for such carrots.

  • walter hanson says:


    I think I would’ve wrote back:

    “Do you think MN Sure is working properly? If no don’t you think the first thing that should be done is have oversight hearings where the board answers every question the Republicans have so they can help come up with ideas?

    You do realize that not a single person who is appointed by Republicans is in charge of MN Sure.”

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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