One of my favorite GOP legislators, Mary Franson, apparently has a challenger for the GOP endorsement for HD-8B:

Greetings all Conservatives of the Republican Party of Otter Tail County!!!

After much deliberation, thoughtful prayer and talking with my family, I have made the decision to seek the Republican endorsement for the seat in the Minnesota State Legislative House of Representatives belonging to District 8B.

According to the Otter Tail County Constitution, any elected member of the Leadership Committee, except state central delegates, who announce their candidacy for Federal or State elected public office shall be placed on immediate leave of absence. I have talked with Representative Franson and told her personally of my intentions and will hope that we will all act in the spirit of a conservative family and make decisions that will best serve our district and our state. You all know me to be issue based, and with that I ask that we realize that the true threat to our freedoms is the march of liberalism and those ugly tentacles that would destroy our rural way of life, our families, and our economy.[emphasis added]

I have notified our deputy chair, Jim Eitzen and he will be taking over the reins and the gavel. I have started work on our County convention for March and will turn that over to Jim and others to make that convention highly successful. I trust that we will all pull together behind our acting chair and his committee to continue the outstanding work of Otter Tail County.

As always best to you, God’s peace and thank you for the opportunity to work with and for you!!


As I said in the opening paragraph, Mary is one of my favorite conservative legislators so I won’t pretend to be unbiased. That said, Ms. Nelson has the right to challenge my friend if she chooses. The purpose of this post is to simply tell both ladies that this race is now on my radar screen so they’d better play nice. Think Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment. (PS- That goes for associates or supporters, too.)

Since Ms. Nelson brought it up, I’ll pay attention to whether she runs an issues-oriented campaign. I hope she does.

Finally, one of the reasons I like Mary is because of the leadership role she’s taken in defending the First Amendment in the context of fighting the DFL’s forced unionization scheme. Mary has fought the right fight against a formidable opponent because it’s the right fight to pick. Mary, along with Hollee Saville, were the best leaders in the fight to protect small business owners and the First Amendment.
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2 Responses to “Franson vs. Nelson”

  • J. Ewing says:

    What is the reason for the challenge, and how can such a challenge be mounted without criticizing the incumbent– i.e. a negative campaign?

  • Gary Gross says:

    First, I don’t know why Ms. Nelson is challenging Rep. Franson. As for how a challenger mounts a challenge “without criticizing the incumbent”, that’s the challenger’s burden. In this instance, I’m simply saying that these ladies shouldn’t launch personal attacks against the other. That’s the heart of Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment. Reagan certainly didn’t have a problem with feisty, respectful policy fights.

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