If this LTE doesn’t make you see red, then you’re a heartless leftist ideologue that cares more about ideology than people. Here’s what’s got me seeing red:

This Minnesota family is a young married couple with three children. Until ObamaCare and Dayton’s MNsure came along they shared the cost of their Blue Cross-Blue Shield family health insurance policy 50/50 with the father’s employer. Thanks to ObamaCare, the cost of that policy sky rocketed and is no longer affordable to the family. After endless hours of working with MNsure, here is what resulted.

Without the parent’s consent, MNsure jammed their three children onto government insurance. The children are now covered by Medicaid at no cost to the family or employer, but 100 percent cost to the taxpayers. The father had to go with a single insurance plan from his employer and purchase a separate new policy for his wife. Because of the confusion and disarray at MNsure, neither he nor his wife currently has health insurance ID cards for the insurance they have already paid for.

The family and the employer were paying their own way for a good insurance policy that covered all members of the family. Today they are hostage to three different insurance policies. The husband and wife’s deductibles have doubled. The cost of the two adult policies is about equal to the old policy that covered the entire family. Their family dentist does not accept Medicaid, so they are also out dentist shopping for the children. President Obama, Gov. Dayton and the DFL majority in St. Paul decided they knew better what this family needed.

This proud, responsible, self-reliant family has always paid their own way. Their children are now on government insurance that was intended for those individuals that could not afford health insurance. The parents now have two different insurance policies to deal with, plus the Medicaid policies for their children. In addition to hurting this family’s self-esteem by having others pay for their children’s health insurance, the adults’ deductibles and co-pay for prescription drugs have sky rocketed, seriously damaging their overall financial well-being. To add insult to injury, Obama and Dayton have the audacity to count this family as one of the uninsured Minnesota families they have provided health insurance for.

I wrote this post to highlight how the Democrats’ chanting points included the fairy tale that the new policies people were getting forced into were vastly superior to the policies they had. I’d triple-dog dare Rep. Pallone to tell that to this family. If he tried peddling that BS to them, it’s quite possible that Rep. Pallone would wind up with a punctured backside, compliments of this family.

In fact, I’d argue that the only way a family would get shoved into their current policies is if government regulations shoved these policies down the family’s throats. What family would have 3 different insurance policies if they had the option of putting the entire family on a single policy, especially if their first policy came with lower deductibles?

The simple truth is that families would choose the policy that a) kept the entire family on a single policy and b) had significantly lower deductibles if they had that option. In fact, if that was a poll question, I’d bet that 95% of the people polled would opt for the single policy with low deductibles.

Thanks to Gov. Dayton and the DFL ideologues in the legislature, families didn’t have that option. That’s terrible. Simply put, that situation shouldn’t happen. Period. If not for the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, and MNsure, this family wouldn’t have gotten shoved into that inferior health insurance policy.

There’s no escaping the fact that Sen. Franken, Gov. Dayton and the DFL legislature own this mess. Their talk about caring about families is schtick. If they cared about families, they wouldn’t shove families into this situation. Sen. Franken started the ball rolling by voting for the ACA. Gov. Dayton lobbied for the health insurance exchange, aka the HIX. Without the HIX, this family wouldn’t be in that difficult position. Rep. Joe Atkins and Sen. Tony Lourey wrote the legislation that created the exchange. Then the DFL voted en masse for the exchange.

By contrast, Republicans didn’t vote for the ACA. They didn’t vote to create the exchange. They don’t share the blame for this disaster. The DFL owns this disaster lock, stock and barrel. That’s the inescapable truth. Next November, the DFL will feel the voters’ wrath for creating this disaster.

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