This afternoon, I got an email from one of my friends on the St. Cloud State campus. This link was included in that email. Here’s the text of the link:

Save Kircher and Stilwell
Petition published by Jan Kircher on Dec 20, 2013
Target: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, St. Cloud State University,Inter faculty Organization

Petition Background (Preamble):

Drs. Kircher and Stilwell were targets of a hostile work environment at St Cloud State University and as a result were denied tenure. This is their terminal year. Drs. Kircher and Stilwell made several attempts to change the overall hostile work environment and to bring equity and equality to their department. Drs. Kircher and Stilwell are considered to be whistle blowers and troublemakers. The facts document clear retaliation by the social work department and the university. The union did not adequately protect them. This petition will be sent to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, St. Cloud State University, and the Inter faculty Organization.


We, the undersigned, call on MnScu and SCSU to reverse their decision about Drs. Kircher and Stilwell’s tenure and promotion and to rectify the hostile work environment in the social work department.

Lots of SCSU employees have already signed the petition. I’ve talked with these professors. They’re understating things when they say that they worked in a hostile work environment. It took a ton of bravery for them to take this step because of the hostile work environment they dealt with.

Based on what I’ve been told by other professors, tenured professors, I might add, that these ladies did the work to earn tenure. The petition said that they “are considered whistle blowers” as though that’s a strike against them. It isn’t. They blew the whistle when they saw wrongdoing. In the America that still has integrity, that’s called doing the right thing. In the America that asks ‘what’s in it for me’, that’s supposedly a bad thing.

What’s most disgusting is the fact that the provost’s letters denying these professors tenure were form letters, complete with identical spelling mistakes. The letters didn’t say why they weren’t given tenure. They weren’t even told what they needed to do to get tenure.

At the October 9th Meet & Confer, Holly Schoenherr announced that SCSU had signed a contract with the Great Place to Work Institute, which cost the University an estimated $50,000. I say estimated because the administration has used multiple figures. Regardless, it’s apparent that the Great Place to Work logo only applies to their PR strategy. It’s meaningless from a substantive standpoint.

These professors are living proof of that.

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  • Crimson Trace says:

    There has been no shortage of SCSU coverage when it comes to taxpayer waste and ethical lapses. LFR should be commended for its work. MPR covered the transcript scandal and KSTP Channel 5 covered the empty 45 million dollar science building are just two other examples that people are taking notice. In this post, what can be quickly proven or disproven is the two letters given to these two women with the “identical spelling mistakes.” How a provost who probably easily makes a 6 digit income could make this kind of mistake is unfathomable. Is it incompetence, malevolence or a combination of both? How SCSU has not motivated the area legislatures to act is a mystery. Isn’t Rep. Zach Dorholt still a member of a higher education committee?

  • Gary Gross says:

    Simply put, the Times has been utterly worthless. They’re stenographers, not reporters. They didn’t even bother covering the transcript scandal.

    I see the Higher Ed committees as Chancellor Rosenstone’s lap puppies. Like the Board of Trustees, they do what they’re told by the lobbyists rather than being the taxpayers’ watchdog.

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