According to this statement, the results of the referendum on whether to continue the student fees to fund the Huskey Athletics program are waiting to be verified:

Results from the Dec. 2-4 student elections will not be released, pending a review by Student Government’s judicial committee, according to Courtney Downing, Student Government elections chair. Voting tallies from a Husky Athletics funding referendum, a restoration of Homecoming referendum and the election of 12 senators were to have been released at a Dec. 5 Student Government meeting. They are now expected Dec. 12. To maintain the integrity of the review, causes for the review will not be released. “This is a learning community,” said Adam Hammer, director media relations and publications. “Student organizations help our students learn how to be part of a representative democracy.”

The Husky Athletics bill (PDF) asked students to approve a student-fee allocation that could provide Husky Athletics about $495,000 per year for four years, beginning July 1. That figure could vary with enrollment.

Approval would keep the Student Athletic Fee at $4.58 per credit, up to 12 credits each semester. Rejection would reduce the fee to $2.84 per credit, the lowest rate of student support for intercollegiate athletics among four-year schools in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Since 2011, the $1.74 per-credit difference has helped Husky Athletics balance its budget and avoid using cash reserves, according to the text of the bill.

If both Homecoming bill questions are approved, the referendum would encourage St. Cloud State officials to rename the fall Celebrate! St. Cloud State event Homecoming Week. It would also encourage University officials to discontinue the spring and summer Celebrate! St. Cloud State events in favor of a winter Spirit Week, focused on men’s and women’s Husky Hockey. In 2011, St. Cloud State replaced Homecoming Week with a fall, winter, spring and summer Celebrate! St. Cloud State events. A previous student referendum, in 2012, encouraged the University to reinstate Homecoming.

That statement tells quite a story. For whatever reason, the results of the student fee referendum won’t be released until the Student Government’s judicial committee is completed. That’s quite a bit different than this statement:

According to that statement, the outcome has been determined even though they haven’t tabulated the votes. In the initial statement, the Potter administration announced that the results wouldn’t be released until Student Government’s judicial committee reviewed the ballots.

It’s confusing to see the Potter administration issue an official statement saying that the results wouldn’t be known until the Student Government reviewed the ballots, then see another official-looking statement saying that the students had approved extending the student fees providing funding for the Athletic Department.

Here’s a suggestion for the administration. It’s probably best to just wait until the Student Government reviews the ballots. If the review doesn’t yield the results that the administration announced, they’d look incompetent.

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