To say that today’s Baltimore-Vikings game was exciting is understatement. For the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds, Baltimore and the Vikings scored at a clip that made the Missouri-Auburn SEC Championship Game look like they were standing still. Here’s the box score…of the final 2 minutes:

2:05 Bal TD Joe Flacco passed to Dennis Pitta to the left for 1 yard gain (2pt attempt converted, Joe Flacco pass to Torrey Smith)MIN 12 – BAL 15
1:27 Min TD Toby Gerhart rushed up the middle for 41 yard gain (Blair Walsh made PAT)MIN 19 – BAL 15
1:16 Bal TD Minnesota kicked off, Jacoby Jones returned kickoff for 77 yards (Justin Tucker made PAT)MIN 19 – BAL 22
0:45 Min TD Matt Cassel passed to Cordarrelle Patterson to the right for 79 yard gain (Blair Walsh made PAT)MIN 26 – BAL 22
0:04 Bal TD Joe Flacco passed to Marlon Brown down the middle for 9 yard gain MIN 26 – BAL 28

Congratulations to the Ravens. They kept their composure throughout the game. Their offense sputtered most of the game. They came alive at the right time.

Congratulations to the Vikings for not throwing in the towel…ever. They could’ve done that but they didn’t. They’re now 3-9-1. Today, the Vikings played with the urgency of a team fighting for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. What’s becoming totally apparent to Vikings fans is that Cordarrelle Patterson is a beast. His toughness, his running ability, his physical play and his ability to either outrun opponents or to make them miss makes it likely that he’ll be the next dominant receiver in the NFL. (Follow this link to watch Patterson’s TD catch and run. CP, as his coaches call him, has now scored twice on pass receptions, twice on kickoff returns and once as a runner lined up in the backfield.

Saying CP is special is understatement by orders of magnitude.

It’s apparent that Xavier Rhodes is turning into a shutdown corner. Today, he took Torrey Smith away from Joe Flacco until he got injured late in the game. It isn’t coincidence that Baltimore’s passing attack took off immediately after that.

Matt Cassel played well considering the field conditions, too. He finished 17-for-38 with 265 yards passing with 2 TD passes and no interceptions thrown or sacks.

The only thing the Vikings are missing is a franchise QB. Their defense needs to be restocked but it’s manageable. Mostly, they need a QB who can take them to the next level. With Adrian Peterson and Cordarrelle Patterson in important skilled positions, the Vikings have some gamechangers.

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One Response to “Ravens defeat Vikings with wild finish”

  • walter hanson says:


    No offense I don’t think the Ravens deserve congratulations. They were kept in the game for the first 58 minutes when the refs gave them the ball deep in Vikings territory on a fumble rule which the Ravens didn’t expect since their defense came back on to the field after they saw the replay.

    And lets not forget the only reason why Matt C wasn’t in victory formation was the refs gave the Ravens a phony pass interference penalty on a play where the Raven clearly slipped.

    The only words that might apply to the Ravens are “Lucky” or “Awarded”

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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