President Bush didn’t mince words about the ‘new’ Democrat legislation to undercut fund the troops. According to this AP article, President Bush would veto the bill. I suspect that’s because it isn’t really a funding bill as much as it’s a war-on-installments bill.

President Bush would veto a bill drafted by House Democratic leaders that would fund the Iraq war only into the summer months, his spokesman said Wednesday. The Democrats’ proposal would pay for the war through July, then give Congress the option of cutting off money after that if conditions do not improve. Bush requested more than $90 billion to fund the war through September.

“There are restrictions on funding and there are also some of the spending items that were mentioned in the first veto message that are still in the bill,” White House press secretary Tony Snow said on Air Force One traveling with Bush. Asked directly if Bush would veto the House bill in its current form, Snow said, “Yes.”

When Carl Levin announced that they’d fund the troops, the nutroots went wild. They’re now demanding the defunding of the troops, something that won’t fly with the American people. While they don’t like the Iraq war, they’re loathe to the notion of cutting off funding to the troops in the war.

Their latest scheme is another ‘too-clever-by-half’ plan that only the nutroots could’ve thought up. The good news is that the House legislation is essentially DOA in the Senate.

This funding bill doesn’t make sense from a policy standpoint, either. The House bill would cut off funding about a month after the buildup is complete, hardly a legitimate way to measure the surge’s full effects. Simply put, this legislation isn’t serious policy. It’s just Pelosi’s and Murtha’s way of pleasing the Nutroots donors.

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