John Nolte’s article explains why President Obama and Harry Reid won’t negotiate with Republicans:

Now we also know why Obama felt so secure golfing during this weekend’s shutdown crisis, instead of rolling up his sleeves like a leader to make a deal. Why not? He knows he the media won’t blame him for anything, including shutting down the government.

It’s one thing to philosophically oppose the Republicans’ CR. It’s another to run interference for President Obama, Sen. Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

The DC media elites didn’t report that President Obama went golfing Saturday rather than negotiating with Republicans:

As the House moved Saturday toward passing legislation that will likely result in a government shutdown, President Obama excused himself to play his customary Saturday golf, a round that set a record for most golf outings in a year since he became president.

Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin let the cat out of the bag why President Obama isn’t worried:

Halperin explained that, “The White House does not have much incentive. They think the trends are going to go in their direction at the end of the week, or early next week at the latest; because again, the press is largely sympathetic to their arguments on this.”

The Sunday morning talk show hosts didn’t mention that Harry Reid didn’t call the Senate into session Sunday. Instead, they questioned Sen. Cruz, though he outsmarted them at each turn:

SENATOR TED CRUZ: Oh, look. The American people overwhelming reject Obamacare. They understand it’s not working. The only people who aren’t listening to the argument are the career politicians in Washington. It’s Harry Reid, who wants to use brute political force.

“Right now, we have a system where the rich and powerful, those with connections to the Obama administration, they get spared some of the burdens of Obamacare. But those who are struggling: single moms and young people and people who are just trying to make it, they don’t get

While the David Gregorys of the world ask DC insider baseball questions, Sen. Cruz kept returning to the irrefutable fact that this administration has implemented a two-tiered set of rules on the Affordable Care Act, aka the ACA. One set of rules applies to big corporations and politicians. That’s the generous set of rules. The harshest rules, however, apply to those who don’t write the laws or have lobbyists protecting them.

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  • J. Ewing says:

    That’s why I’ve suggested that the House GOP pass a CR that includes full funding for Obamacare, on one condition: that the administration has 60 days to implement the law exactly as passed, no exceptions or exemptions or delays, and if they do not, all funding stops.

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