Harry Reid is the ultimate spoiled brat. He’s refused to negotiate with House Republicans throughout the budget process. Now he’s prepared to take the final step and shut the federal government down:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will double down on Monday afternoon and again dismiss the House’s attempts to chip away at Obamacare as part of a government funding bill.

The Senate will come in session at 2 p.m. and shortly thereafter vote to table the funding bill passed by the House over the weekend that repeals a 2.3 percent levy on medical devices and delay Obamacare by a year. The Senate will send back a bill funding the government through Nov. 15, leaving the House a handful of hours to respond ahead of a midnight shutdown deadline.

The Democrats that vote for tabling the House’s continuing resolution will be voting to shut government down. There’s no justification for not repealing the medical device tax. There’s no justification for telling corporations that they get a special break from complying with the Affordable Care Act while forcing families to buy a product they’ve decided not to buy.

With its actions, the Democratic Party has identified itself as the Special Interest Party. Likewise, they’ve identified themselves as the party that doesn’t listen to the American people. Finally, the Democratic Party has identified themselves as the party that owns this sluggish economy.

By tabling this bill, Democrats voting for tabling will be saying that their policies will put America on the right path. That’s arrogant. Their policies have led to robust part-time job growth. The Democrats’ poliicies have led to the creation of Part-Time Nation, where company after company is cutting their employees’ hours to avoid the ACA’s penalties.

Elimination of the medical device tax has broad bipartisan support in Congress and a nonbinding vote earlier this year on repealing the tax drew the support of 79 senators. But senators will not vote specifically on the tax Monday, because the upper chamber is expected to take a single vote to dismiss all the House’s changes.

God forbid that Sen. Reid let the Senate vote to repeal a tax that they’ve voted to repeal before. There’s no polite way of putting this so I’ll just say it. Sen. Reid is a tyrant. He’s the picture of spoiled brat government. He’s refused to negotiate a continuing resolution that puts the American people first. He’s refused to budge from the Democrats’ initial position.

The only thing that approaches Sen. Reid’s arrogant behavior is the Capitol Hill press corps indifference to reporting on the CR from the perspective of the American people. They’ve slanted their stories so that they’ve just paid attention to Washington inside baseball. Instead of asking who’s got momentum or talking about conventional wisdom, shouldn’t the Capitol Hill press corps ask both parties how their CR benefits the American people? That’s before them talking about how Sen. Reid’s obstinant behavior is pushing the federal government into a shutdown.

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