This video, put together by Dr. Sandra Stotsky, explains why Common Core’s standards shouldn’t be adopted:

Here’s a disturbing statement Dr. Stotsky made about Common Core:

DR. STOTSKY: Dr. Milgram from Stanford was as frustrated as I was. We could not find out what countries we were benchmarked with in either Math or English Language Arts and he could tell from the topics that were mentioned in the mathematics standards that, by Grade 8, US students would be about 2 years behind their peers in high achieving countries.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Stotsky added this:

DR. STOTSKY: I would certainly agree, in general, that Common Core’s standards were not going to be preparing American students for authentic college work in any subject.

If it isn’t preparing students for college, if it isn’t helping math students catch up with the rest of the world, what’s the usefulness? This won’t improve preparedness for postsecondary educations. Common Core won’t help the United States’ competitiveness with other countries, either.

Let’s recall that the deliberations were kept secret because the deliberations were hijacked by the Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation work isn’t subject to FOIA requests or open meeting laws. That’s before talking about how people putting Common Core together signed confidentiality agreements.

The more people learn about Common Core, the more questions they have, the more passionately they protest against Common Core. What’s noteworthy is that people from across the political spectrum oppose Common Core. School boards don’t like it because it strips them of control of the curriculum. Conservatives don’t like Common Core because the standards don’t help students achieve more. Independents oppose the data collection because they don’t trust government to protect the data.

Still, the biggest thing arguing against Common Core is that “by grade 8, US students would be 2 years behind their peers in high achieving countries.”

My bottom line is that what’s known is troubling and what isn’t known can’t be found out because open meeting laws didn’t apply, participants signed confidentiality agreements and the deliberations aren’t subject to FOIA requests. Before Common Core implementation takes another step, public hearings need to be held, including extensive briefings on what Common Core does and doesn’t do.

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