This article exposes another disastrous facet of the PPACA. People that campaigned for its passage are now getting hit as reality sets in:

According to the law, employers will have to offer health coverage to all full-time employees, defined as those who work an average of 30 or more hours per week each month, or else pay a fine starting in 2015.

School boards, already struggling to manage after years of state budget cuts, are trying to get ahead of the potential costs of Obamacare for the current academic year, education and labor officials say. The need to find creative solutions, or risk cutting back staff hours further, will increase as they finalize their budgets, they say.

In Pennsylvania’s Penn Manor School District, Superintendent Mike Leichliter said there is no room in its constrained budget to provide additional employee insurance. Instead of cutting hours, the district used a substitute-teacher contracting service to pay part of the salaries for 95 employees. Money for such a service does not count against the school’s budget.

“When we looked at our costs, (healthcare) was one area that really had the potential to skyrocket,” Leichliter said. “This is absolutely the worst time for school districts to be faced with mandated increases.”

The National School Board Association said many states and school districts have at least explored reducing hours, according to Linda Embrey, a communications officer. Several school officials contacted by Reuters said they could not find a way around cuts.

The PPACA is being exposed as an unmitigated disaster. Whatever it touches, it destroys. It’s delicious that the unions that campaigned for the PPACA are now getting hit with tight budgets. That’s what’s called getting their just desserts. (Getting their comeuppance fits, too.)

The PPACA is inflating health insurance premiums, making health insurance less affordable. When it’s fully implemented, assuming it’s ever implemented, people’s hours will have been cut. The middle class will be substantially worse off. School districts and municipalities will face steeper bills, making budgeting trickier for them.

This year’s jobs statistics prove that the PPACA is turning the US into Part-Time Nation. Of the 953,000 jobs created thus far this year, 731,000 of them are part-time jobs. That’s 77% of the jobs created.

Most of the employees affected are substitute teachers, classroom aides, cafeteria workers, bus drivers or similar support staff, according to school officials and labor representatives. They had not been receiving healthcare coverage from their employers in the past. Now, instead of getting such employer-sponsored benefits under the reform law, they may be eligible for government-subsidized coverage that will be offered by new state insurance exchanges starting on October 1.

This information hits at the heart of the PPACA. People that thought they’d get employer-provided health insurance won’t get employer-provided health insurance. It’s one thing to not have hope. People can adjust to that. Having no hope, then being told a solution is right around the corner, only to have those hopes dashed, is devastating.

It’s ironic that the people that fought hardest for the PPACA are the ones getting hit with the biggest disappointments. It’s delicious to see them getting their just desserts for the pain they’ve inflicted on the nation.

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