Sen. Lieberman, easily my favorite Democrat, has written an op-ed in this morning’s Washington Post that offers us a great perspective on the war in Iraq. Here’s part of what I’d call the ‘Lieberman Perspective’:

Last week a series of coordinated suicide bombings killed more than 170 people. The victims were not soldiers or government officials but civilians, innocent men, women and children indiscriminately murdered on their way home from work and school.

If such an atrocity had been perpetrated in the United States, Europe or Israel, our response would surely have been anger at the fanatics responsible and resolve not to surrender to their barbarism.

Unfortunately, because this slaughter took place in Baghdad, the carnage was seized upon as the latest talking point by advocates of withdrawal here in Washington. Rather than condemning the attacks and the terrorists who committed them, critics trumpeted them as proof that Gen. David Petraeus’s security strategy has failed and that the war is “lost.”

And today, perversely, the Senate is likely to vote on a binding timeline of withdrawal from Iraq.

Perverse is a great word to describe the Democrats’ voting for unilaterally declaring defeat with our military still risking their lives. Other words that aptly describe the Democrats’ willingness to cut off funding are appalling and disgusting. One word that couldn’t be credibly used, though, is wise.

Sen. Lieberman is right though in pointing out how, if it were any other situation, people would be screaming for retaliation and retribution and a massive military operation. That’s how far removed the defeatist Democrats are from solid policy. Here’s a better explanation that highlights the Democrats’ foolish policy:

In the two months since Petraeus took command, the United States and its Iraqi allies have made encouraging progress on two problems that once seemed intractable: tamping down the Shiite-led sectarian violence that paralyzed Baghdad until recently and consolidating support from Iraqi Sunnis, particularly in Anbar, a province dismissed just a few months ago as hopelessly mired in insurgency.

This is information that Democrats won’t acknowledge. They might admit it away from microphones or cameras. Nonetheless, this is the reality that the Agenda Media won’t report and the Democrats won’t admit to.

How corrupt is a political party that seeks political gain even if it means denying the truth? Can we not say that the defeatist Democrats don’t seek the truth? Can’t we also say that the defeatist wing of the Democratic Party aren’t interested in the truth if it stands in the way of any political gains?

Indeed, to the extent that last week’s bloodshed clarified anything, it is that the battle of Baghdad is increasingly a battle against al-Qaeda. Whether we like it or not, al-Qaeda views the Iraqi capital as a central front of its war against us.

How often have we heard Democratic leaders talk about fighting “the real war on terror” right before talking about Afghanistan? Why don’t they consider the Iraq War part of the “real war”? Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for willfully mischaracterizing the Iraq War as an optional war. They know better than that. They just won’t admit it in public.

That is the picture of a political party without a soul. It’s the picture of a political party that views political gain as the only thing that’s worth fighting for.

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