Carter Hull’s testimony provided explosive information into the IRS targeting fiasco. Here’s part of that explosive testimony:

Carter Hull, a recently retired tax law specialist, gave his first-hand account during testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Hull had earlier come under scrutiny after an employee in the Cincinnati IRS office told congressional investigators that he had been micro-managing her review of Tea Party groups’ applications for tax-exempt status. But Hull revealed that he, too, was taking orders from up the chain of command.

Hull specifically said he was told to forward documents to an adviser for embattled IRS official Lois Lerner, who first revealed the targeting of Tea Party groups and has since refused to answer lawmakers’ questions. But Hull said he was then told to send documents to the Office of Chief Counsel for their review, which is led by political appointee William Wilkins.

That’s a big deal because it’s proof that Cincinnati is being thrown under the bus in the attempt to hide the Treasury Department’s role in this fiasco.

This information can’t be spun, either. Jay Carney can’t say that this is just Republicans playing politics. He can’t say that this is a witch hunt, either. He can’t do those things because Hull was a career IRS employee before retiring. He wasn’t a political appointee of the Bush administration, either.

At an August 2011 meeting, Hull said, someone from the chief counsel’s office said additional information was needed from Tea Party applicants that Hull was dealing with, and that a second letter should be sent out requesting more information.

These letters have since been cited by Tea Party groups as part of a drawn-out process that in some cases left them without any resolution for years.

Hull said during his testimony that the multi-level layer of review was “unusual.” And he said the Cincinnati office was stuck on applications because he, too, was waiting for guidance from the chief counsel’s office.

It’s unforgiveable to strip the approval/rejection responsibility from a lawyer who a) had consistently received strong performance ratings and b) was an expert in this field. For half a century, Hull didn’t need help in making the final determination on these types of applications.

The fact that this administration pushed him aside and implanted a political appointee into the process is suspicious at minimum. What’s the reason for putting Mr. Wilkins in charge of this process? Why didn’t Mr. Wilkins make a final decision on any of the 292 applications from TEA Party organizations?

Doesn’t that sound like political chicanery?

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