Rep. Tom Cotton’s op-ed offers a scathing critique of the Senate immigration ‘reform’ bill. It’s the type of op-ed that the useful idiots in the media have ignored. Here’s part of Rep. Cotton’s powerful argument:

In the bill, legalization comes with trivial preconditions. Pay a “fine”? Yes, but it’s less than $7 per month and can be waived. Pay back taxes? Only if a tax lien has already been filed, which will be rare for undocumented work. Pass a criminal-background check? Yes, with a gaping exception allowed for illegal immigrants with up to two misdemeanors—or more, if the convictions occurred on the same day—even if these were pleaded down from felony offenses and included serious offenses such as domestic violence and drunken driving.

Rep. Cotton stated earlier in the op-ed that America is a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws. The Democrat-RINO bill is filled with loopholes to essentially turn America into a nation of immigrants sans the nation of laws part. While it’s true there is a border surge mentioned in the bill, it’s entirely slight of hand gimmickry:

Further, the bill explicitly lets the secretary of Homeland Security decline to build a fence in a specific location if she decides it’s not “appropriate.”

That means Janet Napolitano, not Congress, has the final say on building the fence. Anyone that thinks she’ll build the fence, hire the border patrol agents, then enforce all of the immigration statutes is kidding themselves.

The day that happens is the day I’ll look for pigs flying in V-formation.

That isn’t the only major flaw with the Senate legislation. Here’s more:

Instead, the bill throws billions of dollars at the border for new border-patrol agents (though not until 2017) and sensor technologies. These solutions are complements, not substitutes, for a fence. When I was a soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan, my units relied on guards and technology to secure our bases, but the first line of defense was always a physical perimeter.

Let’s remember that the border fence provision is mostly illusion. Let’s understand that the Democrats don’t want the immigration bill passed unless it doesn’t fix the problem:

After 10 years, the CBO predicts, the illegal-immigrant population will have declined to only eight million from today’s 12 million. So much for solving the problem. All we’re doing is setting up the next amnesty.

In other words, the Senate Democrat-RINO bill is just Simpson-Mazoli Part II, with Simpson-Mazoli Part III anticipated in 2020.

If enforcement fails, what’s more likely: that legalized persons won’t become citizens or that future Congresses will simply relax or eliminate the required “triggers”? If past is prologue, we know the answer.

Forget about questioning if enforcement fails. It’s guaranteed to fail. Even if the fence gets built, we’ll have 8,000,000 new illegal immigrants in the US within another decade. That isn’t a solution. It’s an opportunity for Democrats to return in 6-8 years and lie about how Republicans hate Hispanics.

The solution is simple. Build the double fence from California to the Gulf of Mexico, then enforce the laws that are already on the books. That’s 80% of the solution. The rest are minor tweaks.

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  • walter hanson says:


    When it comes down to immigration it’s simple now especially with the history Obama has shown for ignoring the law. The border must be secured first. Then we can talk about the other issues.

    I mean if Obama won’t deport them isn’t that good enough legal status?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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