Several months back, Senate Democrats preened for the cameras after filibustering the drilling in ANWR, saying that they’d protected ‘the environment’ by doing so. What they didn’t say is that they also caused us to get more addicted to foreign suppliers of natural gas. That’s just part of the Democrats’ energy policy.

Democrats filibustering the drilling in ANWR didn’t tell you that ANWR is home to one of the largest reserves of natural gas in the world. Everyone knows that natural gas is the most efficient, cleanest burning home heating fuel. What we don’t know is why Democrats are blocking us from tapping into a natural gas field that would eliminate most of our foreign purchases of natural gas.

People living in the Rust Belt states, from Montana to Maine, are adversely affected by that filibuster. What’s worse is that the area in ANWR where the drilling would occur, isn’t “pristine wilderness.” It’s 3.13 square miles of tundra swamp.The section of ANWR that is “pristine wilderness” is 200 miles away.

By not drilling in Section 1002, states like Massachusetts had to make deals with the devil to get the home heating oil they needed. In this instance, the devil is known as Hugo Chavez, the American-hating terrorist supporter. Massachusetts Representative Bill Delahunt brokered the deal.

What’s scary is that this is the most coherent part of the Democrats’ energy policy. It gets worse after that. Consider their bemoaning our reliance on foreign sources of oil. Their proposed fix? Levy a windfalls profit tax on the oil companies, which will cause them to shrink production. It sounds good to the average person who doesn’t think things through but it’s counterproductive. It makes the situation worse, not better. Far worse.

For years and years, the Democrats blocked everything in terms of building new refineries and nuclear power plants. We’re paying the price for that, too. While our population went from 205 million in 1976 to nearly 300 million today, while our economy has increased by trillions of dollars, our refining capacity has remained almost the same. And Democrats have led the way in making sure that “the environment” was protected in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

We’ve also heard Democrats’ cries for more alternative fuel cars. They’re already being built and purchased. Then again, Ted Kennedy blocks all attempts to put in a windfarm off the coast of the Kennedy family compound. Other rich liberals applaud him from their mansions, which cost more to heat for a winter than a school teacher makes in a year. That windfarm should be built ASAP.

The other Democratic proposal is to suspend the federal gas tax for an undetermined length of time. While it would decrease the cost per gallon temporarily, it does nothing to expand production. In fact, the cheaper gas prices might cause a spike in people taking longer vacations, etc., which might cause actual gas lines.

So add it all up and the Democrats’ energy policy is tax hikes, gas tax moratoriums, no production increases and increased dependance on foreign suppliers. That’s what we should expect should there be Democratic majority in the House or Senate.

That’s an energy policy that we can’t afford.

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