When Eartbound Marketing Group was hired by St. Cloud State, they were tasked with rebranding the SCSU product. That’s an impossible task considering the fact that SCSU is embroiled in a transcript scandal that isn’t going away. It’s even more impossible considering the fact that President Potter signed a contract with a foundation that’s lost the University more than $1,000,000 a year the first 2 years of the contract. That’s before talking about President Potter agreeing to pay the City of St. Cloud $240,000 a year for 3 police officers to patrol near the SCSU campus.

At a time when the University’s enrollment is experiencing significant annual declines, SCSU can’t afford to make this many major financial mistakes.

How do you rebrand a university whose president intimidates students? Here’s what Logan Vold said in a letter to the student government president:

Furthermore, later, as the meeting progressed, President Potter yelled at myself, as well as another student. He raised his voice at me and mentioned, “do not take that tone with me…” while he leaned over the table with both hands on the table. At this point, I literally shut down as the other 4 individuals resumed the meeting. He also yelled at another student with the same tone and words.

This is disgraceful. University presidents shouldn’t a) yell at students or b) tell these students he’d like to level insubordination charges against their professor.

Meanwhile, the St. Cloud Times won’t print anything negative about President Potter. They won’t even investigate the transcript scandal. What’s worse is that MnSCU just rubberstamps President Potter’s decisions. What’s worst is that the MnSCU Board of Trustees are willing to rubberstamp Chancellor Rosenstone’s decisions.

It’s time to scrap the rebranding. It’s time to rebuild SCSU from the foundation up. It’s time to make SCSU accountable to the city and to Minnesota’s taxpayers. That won’t happen with President Potter.

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  • Nick says:

    Earl Potter destroying SCSU’s reputation bit by bit is not surprising!! My prediction is that enrollment will continue to decline while he’s still the President of SCSU.

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