In their efforts to villainize the precious metals mining industry, environmental organizations have crippled tourism in Minnesota’s Arrowhead. This article highlights the environmentalists’ impact on tourism:

This week Cherie Sonsalla started her new job as the executive director of the Ely Chamber of Commerce. Her first headache? Educating visitors that the Boundary Waters is not being polluted by copper mining.

The headlines this week, other than Sonsalla replacing Linda Fryer, came from environmental groups Northeast Minnesotans for Wilderness, Friends of the Boundary Waters and partner group American Rivers.

“Copper and nickel mining putting recreation, drinking water, and wilderness at risk” and “If mining is permitted, the Boundary Waters and its clean water will be irreparably harmed by acid mine drainage containing sulfates and heavy metals” said American Rivers, naming the South Kawishiwi to its list of ten most endangered rivers.

The onslaught of misinformation is disturbing. Unfortunately, it isn’t surprising. These paragraphs show how willing these militant environmentalist organizations are:

In January, Betsy Daub of the Friends of the Boundary Waters wrote that state agency staff shouldn’t make statements in relation to proposed mine projects before they are vetted through the permitting process. “Our state agencies should objectively analyze mine proposals and review all the facts before making determinations,” Daub wrote.

But last week she and others pushed for Congress to stop all proposed mining projects now, before they get to the environmental review process.

Organizations like Friends of the Boundary Waters aren’t friends of Boundary Waters businesses. This is proof that they won’t hesitate in hiding their agenda until they reveals their true agenda, which is an anti-business, anti-mining, anti-middle class agenda.

Nearly all of their Board of Directors are Twin Cities progressives. Twin Cities progressives have a lengthy history of militant environmental activism. Their history is short, though, on accurately talking about environmental facts.

Simply put, Friends of the Boundary Waters are enemies of blue collar mining workers.

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  • Chad Q says:

    Friends of the Boundary Waters may not be frineds of the blue collar mining workers yet those same workers will vote to put Dayton back in the Gov’s mansion and the DFL in charge of both chambers in 2014. We get the government we deserve and if the iron range refuses to see the error of their voting ways, then they they deserve to have high unemployment.

  • Matt says:

    Good. I hope all those Arrowhead idiots go broke. A just reward for all those years they have supported the DFL.

    You buttered your bread – now sleep in it!

  • Gary Gross says:

    They made their decisions, Matt, but I want everyone to succeed. That means I hope they learn quickly & turn into conservative voters.

  • Shelly Maki says:

    Are only St. Louis County residents going to have to pay to clean up any possible messes created by mining? If so, then I say drill baby drill. But if we’re creating a few hundred short term jobs on the range, and then opening the entire state to generations of tax liability in the form of cleanup costs, well, I guess the enviro whack-a-doos may have a point.

  • Tina Nyman says:

    There are many gullible people who are clueless to what they support. Example a relative of a friend went into Sustainable Ely to see what it was all about. Was greeted by a woman that was from Tennessee. They asked her if they were against all mining. She stated yes. He said don’t you have nuclear plants supply your power? She said yes and that’s what they should do here. He said maem do you not realize they have to mine uranium like they mine taconite etc…here? Same process then have to also get rid of residules. She said they can find desolate property to put it. Clueless…And then she stated Piragis wants to be the largest employer in Ely. He wants to turn it into a retirement community, but then said he wants to build a logging school, so retired people from NY will have retirement homes built. Sorry but do not understand his method of thinking and the rest that are in kahoots with him. The hypocrite from Tower that collects a pension from a range mine, (which supports him), and Riverpoint, (who grew up in mining families), and others. To me sounds like we (who support mining), are more in control of the environment as we have been mining since the 1800’s, underground mines, and still have pristine waters here contrary to their propaganda they have been spreading. We have Miner’s Lake in Ely that use to be the Pioneer Mine, a underground mine. And it’s one of the best trout lakes around..(no belly up fish here). But Piragis and his clan want everyone to think the waters bad. I would take a drink out of them….would you city people drink from the Mississippi? Sorry but we think Piragis and his bunch with all there misinformation has ruined tourism here. We advised him we could all coexist. Have for years. But he and his bunch are out for own personal gain…don’t think it has a thing to do with environment. If it was environment I would much rather have mining going on here where there are guidelines we follow then overseas where there are none. And yes that can affect us. People wake up…the democratic party is the green party now…..

  • Gary Gross says:

    The Twin Metals & PolyMet mines will supply mining jobs for the next 50+ years. That isn’t short-term by anyone’s imagination. The money for cleanup is supplied by the company. The government doesn’t pay a penny. For once, the government learned from its mistakes.

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