Randy Krebs, the Editorial Page editor at the St. Cloud Times, has repeatedly shown a willingness to apply a double standard to the LTEs he approves. It’s appalling that he’d approve this LTE. Look at this assertion of fact:

Because Bachmann is a tax attorney and once worked for the IRS, I find it ironic that she wants a deeper probe toward the actions that the IRS took. Nobody raised this kind of fuss when the IRS took similar action toward Democratic groups when Republicans were in the White House.

Claudette Moran is the idiot that wrote this LTE. Her accusations should be highlighted because they’re baseless. What proof does Claudette Moran have that the Bush administration used the IRS as a weapon against its political opponents? What proof does Krebs have of the Bush administration using the IRS as a weapon against their political opponents?

It’s guaranteed that the NY Times would’ve written a series of articles criticizing the Bush administration had the IRS been used as a weapon against their political opponents.

Krebs’ penchant for approving LTEs that make baseless accusations against Republicans is well-documented. This isn’t the first time he’s let a Republican hater make wild accusations. He’s especially notorious for approving this viled crap if Michele Bachmann is the person being accused.

It’s time for Mr. Krebs to show us proof that the Bush administration used the IRS as a political weapon. If he doesn’t produce that proof in a timely fashion, then people should think of him as being an unprofessional editor who’s willing to use a lenient standard for LTEs criticizing Republicans but who uses a tight standard for LTEs written by conservatives.

When Michele Bachmann joined with 4 other conservatives in calling for an IG investigation into whether the Muslim Brotherhood, I wrote an LTE that cited Andrew McCarthy, the man that prosecuted, then convicted, the Blind Sheikh and Walid Phares, a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood. These terrorism experts said that the “National Security Five” were justified in asking for this investigation.

Pretending to be a terrorism expert, Krebs said that these men’s information and opinions were tenuous. That’s the explanation he gave for why he wouldn’t approve my LTE. Krebs couldn’t permit an LTE that supported Michele Bachmann even though national experts verified the accuracy of her statements. Meanwhile, Krebs didn’t hesitate in publishing an LTE that made wild, baseless accusations that can’t be verified.

That certainly isn’t the picture of professionalism. Unfortunately, that isn’t surprising.

4 Responses to “Krebs looks other way, approves accusation-filled LTE”

  • walter hanson says:


    It’s quite obvious that they are enemies of Bush. Did they ever tell you how they were audited or made to jump through hoops because of President Bush.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Walter, the Times hasn’t gone after President Bush. OTOH, they’ve gone after Michele Bachmann with a passion. It’s almost to the point that it’s a blind hatred of her.

  • walter hanson says:


    The reason why I made my point is in the highlighted box they were claiming that Bachmann didn’t care when the Bush White House went after liberal groups.

    So I figured if they were that sure that Bachmann didn’t care the Saint Cloud Times must have suffered some type of terrible treatment under Bush which Bachmann didn’t stop?

    Maybe if you put on the blog since they won’t print your letter to the editor the question what liberal group or groups did President Bush attack while Bachmann ignored their pleas for help?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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