I know I’m late to this story but it’s time to talk about the watershed moment that happened this week on Bill Maher’s show. Here’s a partial transcript of Maher’s exchange with Brian Levy, the director of the Center for the Study of Hate & Extremism at California State University in San Bernardino:

BILL MAHER, HOST: So you’re obviously the perfect person to have here today. You study this all the time, the mind of crazy people who do horrible things. I’m always interested to know how people like the people we caught today up in Boston can have two minds going at the same time.

I mean, if you read what the older brother wrote on his, on the internet, he said his world view [is] Islam; personal priorities: career and money. And we see this a lot. I mean, the 9/11 hijackers went to strip clubs the night before they got on the plane.

BRIAN LEVIN: But could I just interject? Look, it’s not like people who are Muslim who do wacky things have a monopoly on it. We have hypocrites across faiths, Jewish, Christian who say they’re out for God and end up doing not so nice things.

MAHER: You know what? Yeah, yeah. You know what? That’s liberal bullshit right there. I mean, yes, all faiths —

LEVIN: Are there no Christian hypocrites?

MAHER: No, there are. They’re just —

LEVIN: You make a career on that.

MAHER: They’re not as dangerous. I mean, there’s only one faith, for example, that kills you or wants to kill you if you draw a bad cartoon of the prophet. There’s only one faith that kills you or wants to kill you if you renounce the faith. An ex-Muslim is a very dangerous thing. Talk to Salman Rushdie after the show about Christian versus Islam. So, you know, I’m just saying, let’s keep it real. (Real Time, April 19, 2013)

I’ve read the Bible through from cover-to-cover 7 times in my life. (That doesn’t make me an expert but I certainly know what isn’t in it.)

Nowhere in the Bible does it say “You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me); kill him.”

Further, I haven’t read any recent articles of Christians killing movie producers for making a movie that denigrates Christ. It took me a matter of seconds to find an articles about how a filmmaker was assassinated by Muslim terrorists for creating a provocative film about Allah.

When Levin tried talking about Christians throughout history, Maher said that we aren’t living throughout history. “We’re living in 2013.”

This doesn’t mean I think Maher is changing into a conservative. I expect him to continue to criticize conservatives and curse Christians. My point is simply that, this time, Maher stood for the truth.

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  • eric z says:

    Do not get crosswise with Matt Entenza or he’ll have a private detective shadowing your tracks, where you park, etc. The Democrat from United Health.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Thanks for the concern, Eric, but there’s nothing to worry about. I don’t plan on running against him for a DFL endorsement anytime soon.

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