It’s obvious that the Democrats are worried about Tony Snow’s ability to connect with real people beyond the Beltway. If they weren’t worried, they wouldn’t have sent out the flurry of contradictory messages today, saying in one breath that Snow is a shill for the Administration and that he’s disagreed with them too much another. Here’s a sampling of their doublespeak:

The Democratic National Committee said Snow’s appointment shows “truth still snowed in” in the Bush administration.

Karen Finney, the DNC’s equivalent of Joe Goebbels, was on Fox earlier today and said “It isn’t a question of whether Tony Snow is a likeable guy. It’s a question of whether he’ll be honest with the American people.” Anyone who’s known Tony Snow knows that he’s as honest a person as there is in Washington. That isn’t just my opinion. It’s possibly the only opinion that Bob Beckel, Juan Williams and I wholeheartedly agree with. The last I checked, Beckel and Williams aren’t the staunch conservative that I am.

Here’s some of the media’s reaction to Snow’s appointment:

Jack Cafferty welcomed the former “Fox News Sunday” host to his new job yesterday by referring to his old employer as “the ‘F’-word network.” “Tony Snow, who also happens to be an anchor over there at the “F” word network, is likely to take the job as White House press secretary,” reported Cafferty. “President Bush can do worse, not a bad guy. But it might be too late.”

If there’s anything that I believe isn’t the case, it’s that it isn’t too late to turn the White House’s message around. Not by a long shot. The truth is that, with a great communicator like Tony delivering daily the Administration’s message with passion and intellect, this is a great opportunity for the White House to connect with conservatives on a visceral level.

This isn’t the first time that Cafferty’s used the term “the ‘F’-word network”. It’s just another sign that he doesn’t have a shred of dignity or class and is more of a Democratic shill than what Democrats think Tony is a Republican shill.

Over at MSNBC, Keith Olbermann didn’t sound very impressed either. “And as to the forecast for Snow at the White House,” Olbermann told his audience last night, “in the words of one Washington wag about the press secretary heir apparent, ‘The administration appears to have vetted him as well as it did Bernie Keric.'” Olbermann was referring, not to skeletons in Snow’s closet, but to the fact that columns he’d written critical of the White House would be “thrown back in his face.”

Olbermann says the most outrageous comments just so he doesn’t become a blip on the ratings radar. He’s entitled to his opinions but they range from dumb to totally useless. I’d say worse but I can’t think of worse than totally useless.

But perhaps the harshest assessment came from the influential left wing blog, the Daily Kos, where a poster complained:
“Tony Snow has officially taken the job as Press Spokesman-Official Liar at the White House… Make no mistake about this, Snow will NOT be a big change for this sad sack outfit in the White House…”While he’s not Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage, Ingraham, O’Reilly or some of the other right wing kooks,” the Daily Koser explained, “he still worked for Faux news, the official propaganda arm of the RNC and the White House.”

Kos has alot of readers but he’s an idiot. Only a Kossack would think that Bill O’Reilly is a “right wing kook” or lump Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Rush with Michael Savage. To a Kossack, anyone to the right of Ted Kennedy is a “right wing kook.” If you need proof, just look at how they view Joe Lieberman.

Frankly, I think this is the smartest appointment that President Bush has made since nominating John Roberts to the Supreme Court. Tony’s biggest assets going forward in this post are (a) his great sense of humor; (b) his command of the issues and (c) his ability to counter arguments with facts.

I’ve listened alot to Tony’s show and many is the time I’ve heard liberals tell him that he’s got this or that fact wrong only to have Tony tell them that they’d picked a fight with a total fact nerd who knew issues and facts inside out. Honestly, this will put the Beltway media in their place because Tony’s calm demeanor and his being alot smarter than them will make them look foolish.

I’m looking forward to his first confrontation with Helen Thomas or David Gregory because he’ll calmly skewer them with that great Tony Snow smile all across his face. When that happens, I’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

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