Based on Tony Sertich’s quote this article, the DFL-dominated House is delivering on the promises it made during last fall’s campaign. Forgive me if I don’t agree with Rep. Sertich on that.

Those DFL priorities include funding voluntary all-day, everyday kindergarten, insuring the state’s 68,000 uninsured children, and providing permanent property tax relief for most of the state’s citizens.

Sertich can’t even get past that paragraph without fibbing. The permanent property tax relief that he says they’re proposing is an illusion. That’s the conclusion of the GOP legislators that I talked with. This isn’t a partisan belief either. It’s what Ann Lenczewski said, too:

However, that relief will not come if money is not available to fund it.

Talking with several legislators told the real story on ‘permanent property tax relief’. Two of the legislators told me that the DFL set their budget targets so high as to almost guarantee that their spending increases would eat up almost all of their tax increases, thereby guaranteeing little money left for ‘permanent property tax relief.’

That way, the DFL would get their massive tax increase & their massive 17+ percent spending increase without providing real property tax relief. That’s definitely not delivering on that campaign promise. Then again, that shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s paid any attention to the DFL on taxes. They love raising taxes. They hate giving money back.

With six weeks to go until adjournment, DFL legislative leaders and GOP Gov. Tim Pawlenty appear on a collision course. Pawlenty has made clear his opposition to any kind of tax increases, while House DFL leaders have stressed the theme of tax fairness and progressivity to sell their plan to the public.

What’s fair about increasing taxes on the job creation engines of the state? These job creation engines are also known as small businesses, which pay their income taxes as individuals, not as corporations. The DFL’s tax ‘fairness’ is anything but fair. What’s fair about increasing taxes on people who employ others? What’s fair about increasing commercial property tax rates when we know that it’ll cause inflation & our unemployment rates? It’s obvious that the DFL doesn’t understand that some businesses will shut their doors? Doesn’t the DFL know that other businesses will move just across the Minnesota-South Dakota border & be exempt of Minnesota’s exorbitant taxes?

The truth is that we’d better wake up fast or we’ll be in tax hell. If we don’t fight the DFL on their tax agenda & their exorbitant spending agenda, Minnesota’s economy will head south fast.

The last thing we should do is take Tony Sertich’s word that everything is going just fine. If we fight him hard & smart, we’ll have a good outcome in November, 2008.

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