According to this propaganda piece, “Governor Dayton’s budget makes major investments in education.” I noted here that Gov. Dayton and the DFL doesn’t repay the school shift passed during the Kelliher-Pogemiller majorities:

According to the last page of MMB’s document, Minnesota a) still owes $1,252,000,000 on the school shift and b) won’t repay a penny of that shift until the 2016-2017 biennium.

During the 2012 campaign, DFL candidates railed against the GOP for using gimmickry to balance the budget, frequently citing the school shift in their argument. The DFL ‘leadership’ praised Gov. Dayton’s “honest budget” when he proposed his now-infamous Mulligan Budget.

Gov. Dayton’s “honest budget” included tax increases on babysitters and kids who mowed lawns and shovelled snow. Presumably, Gov. Dayton thought that wasn’t a gimmick.

Here’s a question for the DFL praetorian guard media stiffs: how can Gov. Dayton make “major investments in education” when he’s stiffing school districts out of $1,252,000,000 they’ve been owed since 2010? Here’s another question Gov. Dayton hasn’t answered: how can Gov. Dayton make “major investments in education” while stiffing school districts of over a billion dollars that the GOP wanted to repay?

Let’s recall that the GOP wanted to pay off all of the school shifts in 2012 but Gov. Dayton vetoed the bill.

According to Dayton’s latest propaganda sheet, he’s ‘investing’ “$344 million for E-­?12 education.” Considering the fact that he isn’t repaying the school shift of $1,252,000,000, that means he’s stiffing E-12 education out of $908,000,000 until the 2016-2017 biennium.

Simply put, Gov. Dayton is stiffing school districts while pretending he’s investing educational excellence. How can he pretend he’s the ‘education governor’ when the DFL wants to gut a bill he signed last year mandating teachers pass a basic skills test? In Sauk Rapids, 4 high school math teachers don’t have a math degree. The students there are falling behind their grade level in math.

The EdMinn’s DFL’s solution to this crisis? Eliminate the basic skills test so all ‘teachers’ qualify.

That isn’t a solution. That’s a pathetic cave into EdMinn’s demands that teachers be protected even though it means shortchanging the students. That isn’t the path to a better Minnesota. It’s the path to a dumbed down Minnesota.

It’s time that the MNGOP realize that they’d better get engaged in the fight for educational excellence. By continuing to treat school board elections as nonpartisan elections, they’re ceding control of the schools to the DFL and Education Minnesota. School board elections are the most partisan elections of them all. The DFL and their political allies in EdMinn fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo.

Clearly, the DFL’s anti-education, pro-union must stop ASAP. Keeping unqualified teachers in classrooms is disgusting and it’s unacceptable. Stunningly, that’s the DFL’s agenda.

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