Based on MMB’s documentation, Gov. Dayton’s Mulligan Budget runs an $8,000,000 surplus.

According to Pg. 2’s statistics, Gov. Dayton’s new tax increases will raise $1,830,000,000 in new revenue while increasing spending by $1,196,000,000. According to MMB’s report, the Dayton/DFL budget will spend $37,946,000,000 while taking in $37,939,000,000, leaving a miniscule $8,000,000 surplus.

Running an $8,000,000 surplus on a $38,000,000,000 budget is cutting things so thin that it’s likely Gov. Dayton’s Mulligan Budget won’t even balance. If there’s a hiccup in Minnesota’s budget, that $8,000,000 surplus will disappear quickly. That’s irresponsible.

More importantly, there isn’t a single reform in Gov. Dayton’s budget. That means all the political payoffs to political allies are still in Gov. Dayton’s Mulligan Budget. That means Gov. Dayton puts a higher priority on satisfying his political allies than he’s putting on protecting Minnesota’s taxpayers.

According to the last page of MMB’s document, Minnesota a) still owes $1,252,000,000 on the school shift and b) won’t repay a penny of that shift until the 2016-2017 biennium. That’s what happens when the state runs an almost nonexistent $8,000,000 ‘surplus’. Remember that Republicans passed a bill in 2012 that would’ve paid off the entire school shift but Gov. Dayton vetoed the bill.

That’s the height of irresponsibility by the DFL and Gov. Dayton. Notice, though, that school district administrators aren’t saying a thing about Gov. Dayton’s not paying off the school shift. They stayed silent when Gov. proposed a 50-50 school shift in 2011. They screamed like scalded dogs when Republicans proposed a 60-40 school shift.

That’s proof that professional educators are partisan DFL hacks. In their minds, apparently, it’s more important to defeat GOP legislators than it is to pay off the school shift they howled about.

Gov. Dayton’s Mulligan Budget comes close to running a deficit. It raises taxes while refusing to pay off the school shift DFL legislators voted for in 2010. DFL leaders keep talking about Gov. Dayton’s honest budget. That’s BS. It’s a highly irresponsible budget that relies on budget gimmicks like school shifts and major tax increases on job creators.

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  • walter hanson says:


    It’s too bad since Mark is a trust baby that his millions in the bank account that the best way to keep your budget balanced is not to spend money you don’t have.

    Of course if you’re lawmakers in Saint Paul who do zero work to earn it and feel great spending it that is the problem right there.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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