This video is proof that Kirsten Powers kicked Bill O’Reilly’s butt in a debate about sequestration:

Don’t mistake this as saying President Obama has consistently laid out specific proposals about sequestration. He certainly hasn’t. That said, O’Reilly lost the fight when Kirsten Powers talked specifics about Medicare savings. Powers said that President Obama proposed saving money for Medicare by negotiating with the pharmaceutical companies for perscription medications. That fired up O’Reilly, who asked which companies the administration would negotiate with for these savings.

When Powers said that it would be the same companies that Medicaid negotiates with, O’Reilly said that that wasn’t specific enough, that President Obama had to state specifically in legislation which companies they’d negotiate with. O’Reilly’s counterargument was a non sequitur counterargument, saying that the proposal wouldn’t be effective.

I agree with Mr. O’Reilly that the proposal wouldn’t be effective in cutting the deficit. That isn’t what he was arguing with Ms. Powers about. He started the argument talking about whether President Obama hadn’t offered specific proposals to cut the deficit. The sad thing is that he would’ve won the argument had he done his research.

President Obama has frequently spoken in generalities. Had O’Reilly started with that argument, Ms. Powers likely would’ve agreed with him. Had O’Reilly not insisted that President Obama list the drug companies that HHS would negotiate in legislation, he could’ve won the debate.

It’s important to note that President Obama has ignored the GAO report that Sen. Coburn has been talking about. Had Mr. O’Reilly asked Ms. Powers why President Obama hadn’t adopted the savings from the GAO report, she likely wouldn’t have put up a fight. There might’ve been consensus reached.

Follow this link to watch part of Sen. Coburn’s speech titled “Sequester This.” Follow this link to watch another part of Sen. Coburn’s “Sequester This” speech.

If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s imporant that you watch it ASAP. Rather than talking about cutting spending in general terms, the GAO report lists hundreds of duplicative programs spread across the federal government and how much money is getting spent on those programs. If conservatives want to win this fight, and they’d better, they need to be authoritative. Bloviating from an obnoxious TV host won’t cut it.

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3 Responses to “Kirsten Powers kicks Bill O’Reilly’s butt”

  • J. Ewing says:

    The whole problem with this argument is that the federal government does not “negotiate” at all. They dictate what prices can be charged by doctors and hospitals, because they own 50% of the health care marketplace in this country. The only effect of such negotiations is to decrease the supply of health care (including drugs). The only cure for this is free market competition, which would result in higher quality, greater availability, and lower costs for everybody! Maybe O’Reilly should have argued THAT.

  • Gary Gross says:

    This post isn’t about the merits of the policies. It’s about whether President Obama had made a proposal. O’Reilly said he hadn’t. That isn’t factually accurate. It had to have been specific because it’s part of US law.

  • eric z. says:

    One FOX talking head paid a regular paycheck, the other paid by the appearance. Yawn.

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