This morning, testimony was taken on Rep. Ryan Winkler’s minimum wage legislation. This testimony was given to a “joint meeting of the House Labor, Workplace and Regulated Industries Committee, and the Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs.”

The first testifier was Jennifer Schaubauch of the Minnesota chapter of the AFL-CIO. What she said was a stunning indictment of Obamanomics. She said that many higher paying jobs had been eliminated and replaced by minimum wage jobs. Ms. Schaubauch said that fact justified the need to raise the minimum wage to $10.55 per hour. Ms. Schaubauch insisted that raising the minimum wage was the only way to lift families out of poverty.

Another testifier in the first set of testifiers identified herself as a college graduate who’s been working the same minimum wage job for the last 3 years since graduating. That’s another testimonial to the fact that Obamanomics has failed. We didn’t hear stories like this during the Bush years, the Clinton years or the Reagan years.

That’s because incomes grew during their administrations. That’s the opposite of what’s happened during President Obama’s administration. During President Obama’s administration, median household incomes have dropped from $55,000 a year to less than $50,000 a year.

If the DFL cared about poor people, they’d stop enacting policies that’ve caused entrepreneurs to stop creating jobs. Yesterday, I wrote that Rep. Keith Ellison appeared on Hannity’s show last night to push for a third tax hike in 2 months.

During this morning’s testimony, Paul Rademacher testified, identifying himself as a small businessman. Mr. Rademacher listed the obstacles that the Obama administration has created and that the Dayton administration, coupled with the DFL legislature, are attempting to create. Here’s a partial list of what Mr. Rademacher said: fed income tax increased from 35% to 39.6%, fed capital gains tax increasing from 15% to 20%, Minnesota’s top income tax bracket increasing from 7.85% to 9.85%, a 71% increase in the state minimum wage and a major sales tax increase. Then Mr. Rademacher stunned people, saying that the average profit margin for grocery stores is 1%. The room fell silent when he said that, if these things became reality, it was possible he’d have to shut 2 of his grocery stores.

It’s rather apparent that President Obama’s policies have crippled the US economy. The AFL-CIO testifier, Ms. Schaubauch, testified to the fact that great paying jobs were eliminated while minimum wage jobs were created. Rep. Ellison pushed for President Obama’s alternative to the sequester, which is a third tax increase in 2 months. (Why do President Obama and Rep. Ellison hate economic growth this much?)

Gov. Dayton has proposed raising income tax rates while subjecting more people to a higher sales tax bill. The DFL legislature is in the process of forcing entrepreneurs to choose between laying people off, leaving the state or raising prices. Why does Gov. Dayton hate economic growth? Why is he intent on saddling cities and counties with crippling sales tax bills? Why is the DFL legislature intent on saddling businesses with massive labor cost increases while the economy is struggling?

Either the DFL doesn’t have a clue about economic growth or they’ve put a higher priority on passing everything on their special interest allies’ wish list than on growing Minnesota’s economy.

Either way, that’s terrible news for Minnesotans.

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