8:25 — AFL-CIO’s Jennifer Schaubauch testifying that Obamanomics failed, with high wage jobs declining, low wage jobs increasing.
8:29 — “Now is the time to raise the minimum wage to $10.55 an hour.”
8:31 — Next testifier talking about how awful Obamanomics is. She’s talking about how she’s been forced to stay in a low-wage job for 3 years after graduating from college.
8:37 — Andrea Kieffer is rock star. She’s asking Ms. Schaubauch if it’s the state’s responsibility to solve a business’s turnover problems.
8:45 — Benjamin Gerber of Minnesota Chamber of Commerce testifying: “60% of people living below the poverty line are unemployed. Raising the minimum wage won’t help people who are unemployed.” Later, Mr. Gerber noted that Minnesota’s teen unemployment rate is higher than “South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa.”
NOTE: Testimony from Mr. Rademacher listed the Democrats’/DFL’s attacks. Fed tax rate went from 35% to 39.6%, state tax rate proposed from $7.85% to 9.85%. Now Rep. Winkler is proposing a 71% increase in minimum wage.
9:20 — Rep. Simonson, who replaced child molester Rep. Gauthier, is getting upset. He’s getting defensive, too, saying that it isn’t just kids getting paid minimum wage.
9:25 — Paul Rademacher, grocery store owner, responds to Rep. Simonson, saying that raising the minimum wage won’t increase people’s purchasing power because product prices will increase, too.

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