Rep. Ellison got feisty when Sean Hannity confronted him about President Obama insisting on the sequestration cuts or tax hikes. Watch Rep. Ellison’s faux outrage in this video:

Here’s the key part of Rep. Ellison’s faux diatribe:

For you to say that the President is to blame is ridiculous. I was there in August, 2011 when the Republicans, your party which you shamelessly (CROSSTALK) What the President said is absolutely true. The people should ignore everything you said.

After Rep. Ellison attempted to filibuster Hannity, Hannity finally got a word in edgewise. Here’s what Hannity said:

First, it was Max Baucus and Bob Woodward who said that sequestration was President Obama’s idea.

This video verifies Hannity’s statement:

There’s something important that isn’t being discussed by the major media outlets, namely that President Obama and Rep. Ellison are fighting for the third tax hike in 2 months. The tax increases that were part of the Affordable Care Act took effect on Jan. 1, 2013. President Obama’s tax hike on small businesses took effect less than a week later. Rep. Ellison enthusiastically voted for both of those tax hikes.

In fact, Rep. Ellison has never voted against raising taxes, either when he served in the Minnesota legislature or in the US House of Representatives. Likewise, President Obama has never voted against raising taxes, either as part of the Illinois Senate or the US Senate.

The question that the media hasn’t asked of Rep. Ellison is simple: Rep. Ellison, why do you hate the US economy this much?

It’s one thing to fight for a tax increase. It’s another thing to fight for progressive tax increase days after a regressive tax hike goes into effect. It’s totally irresponsible to fight for regressive tax increases, then fighting for raising progressive tax rates, then insisting on “closing loopholes” without cutting tax rates.

That isn’t proof of economic illiteracy on Rep. Ellison’s part. It’s proof of Rep. Ellison’s economic stupidity or economic dishonesty.

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