What’s frightening about Chris Matthews’ latest declaration is the stunning stupidity displayed in it:

Chris Matthews: “It’s a down and dirty world when you decide chopping down the government and hurting the economy is the smart move. But bring it all down is now the hard right battle cry. Slash spending, short the pentagon, screw up traffic control, whatever raises the noise level, bashes Democrats and lowers hope. Is this the tea party dream? Is this John Boehner’s version of feeding time at the zoo, giving the crazies what they want so they will sit in their seats and behave? Is this final payment to insanity the last vestige of what calm Republicanism is ready to cough up? But how else can you explain the readiness of the GOP leadership to let this Frankenstein’s monster, this doomsday machine, this sequestration go all out berserk? How else can we understand the party of Lincoln doing such economic damage to the Republic, such damage and moral to the people?”

This is utter stupidity. Since when did lightly trimming $85,000,000,000 from a $3,600,000,000,000 budget constitute “chopping down government”? Since when did that constitute slashing spending?

There’s a reason why MSNBC is a laughingstock. Chris Matthews is a significant contributor to that reputation. Incoherent diatribes like this make Matthews and MSNBC look infantile.

As for Matthews’ question about sequestration being a “doomsday machine”, that’s the hysteria featured at MSNBC on a seemingly daily basis. People didn’t hear Matthews complain when spending jumped from $3,000,000,000,000 to $3,500,000,000,000 in a single year. That’s before factoring in the $850,000,000,000 stimulus bill.

Matthews can’t justify trillion dollar deficit after trillion dollar deficit. Perhaps MSNBC sent out the directive that, rather than defending President Obama’s history of trillion dollar deficits, which are indefensible, they’d mindlessly attack Republicans instead. By doing that, MSNBC and Matthews are cementing their reputation as buffoons.

Just like MSNBC isn’t a news organization, Chris Matthews isn’t a pundit. MSNBC is a media outlet, not a news organization. Chris Matthews is a court jester, not a serious news analyst.

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2 Responses to “Yes, Chris Matthews said that”

  • Patrick-M says:

    me thinks Chris Mathews is the poster boy for Liberalism is a mental disorder”.

  • Organica Black says:

    Three items:
    1. The only people who take Chris Matthews seriously are people who dislikes what he states. Most sane people try to ignore him. The same can be said for Sean Hannity. They are people who do not let facts or truth get in front of them.

    2. Over the past few months I have posted about a 6-8 times yet only two have shown up. Is this blog only for people who 95+% agree? If it is, I understand and will move on. I would have sent this via your mail form – but it does not exist.

    3.I liked reading this blog when it is was committed to being an advocate for making decisions using logic & intelligence & verifiable facts. Now it is less about “making decisions using logic & intelligence & verifiable facts” and more about how can we embarrass people we do not like.

    Read what was stated in 2009 and read what you published the last 6 months.

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