For over 2 years, SCSU President Potter has talked about the need to supply employers with the high tech employees they need. It’s impossible to believe that thoughtful people wouldn’t question SCSU’s commitment after reading this article:

St. Cloud State University said Thursday it plans to spend $4.8 million in broadcasting upgrades.

The upgrades will improve journalism, production and strategic communications offerings, expand student learning and improve brand promotion.

The investment will include a complete overhaul of TV cable and broadcast delivery systems to allow high definition broadcast from many areas on campus.

St. Cloud State’s student-run TV station will expand its production and distribution of high-quality digital signals. The station, UTVS, also broadcasts St. Cloud State hockey games on Charter cable channel 87.

The Department of Mass Communications will revise its curriculum to reflect current journalism practices that include more digital journalism.

The last I looked, tons of private, for-profit colleges offered offered these types of programs. SCSU shouldn’t be offering this type of program. They should offer STEM-related programs that they currently aren’t offering.

Another troubling part of this article is the cost. Does President Potter think this type of money is a wise investment? If he does, then he needs to rethink that decision.

Finally, it’s misguided thinking to believe these upgrades will help with SCSU’s “brand promotion.” With all of the controversies swirtling on campus, SCSU should worry about cleaning up those messes before spending $4,800,000 on brand promotion. A trademark of the Potter administration has been to pretend that SCSU’s problems don’t exist. Until that’s changed, no amount of rebranding will help.

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