Gov. Dayton’s budget is mostly about radically increasing taxes on every Minnesotan:

Gov. Dayton’s budget will raise taxes on everyone. Sen. Hann chided Gov. Dayton, saying that he’d raise taxes on the wealthy when, in fact, he’s raising taxes on everyone with a major sales tax increase. Rep. Daudt noted that Gov. Dayton’s math and logic are flawed, saying that his budget “includes $3.7 billion in new taxes and $225 million in spending cuts.”

Throughout the campaign, Gov. Dayton said that “the rich” weren’t “paying their fair share” and that he’d take a balanced approach to the budget in terms of spending cuts and new taxes. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that “$3.7 billion in tax increases” is significantly more than the “$225 million” in spending cuts.

The reality is that Gov. Dayton lied about taxes in his stump speech. He knew that he was proposing a massive sales tax increase.

Rep. Daudt highlighted the fact that unemployment dropped from 7% to 5.5% during GOP control of the legislature. It isn’t likely that the DFL legislature and Gov. Dayton will create many more new jobs.

Sen. Hann asked a great question when he asked how raising taxes on a person will benefit that person. That’s the question that the DFL can’t answer. Then again, they aren’t worried about doing what’s right. They’re worried about paying off their special interest allies with our money.

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  • eric z says:

    It is the GOP that is frustrating taxing the rich.

    Somebody is going to have to pay taxes. The gimmicks of the past were offensive.

    The Taxpayer League has much blame in things.

    So, if the GOP wants to be the party of the people it must oppose the sales tax changes, which means having to yield on taxing the rich. Money has to come from somewhere. States cannot print it, only the Fed can.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, Get a grip. Taxing the rich is a social policy argument. It isn’t an economic argument. States that have low taxes or no taxes have surging economies. States like California, Illinois & New York are faltering because they’re following the same playbook that President Obama & Gov. Dayton are working from.

    As for “money has to come from somewhere”, I’ve argued that much of the money that’s getting spent is getting spent foolishly. I’ve cited specific examples of those foolish expenditures in past posts. MnSCU is expert at pissing money away. If you’re willing to argue that there’s only $225 million worth of spending that’s wasteful in a $38 billion budget, then we don’t even have a starting point.

  • walter hanson says:


    Um the way the Republicans have setup up the tax tables the rich pay basically all the income taxes while the poor doesn’t.

    Example federal wise where Obama said the Rich don’t pay their fair share the top 50% pay over 96% of the income taxes. Wow I guess they pay their fair share and Obama lied!!!!!

    That means you’re a liar Eric

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Nick says:

    How would a sales tax on clothing ever pass in MN especially when the MOA is heavily lobbying against it?

    Why can’t grocery stores sell beer and wine where all of the groceries are? Why does it have to be in a separate part of the store?

    Why won’t the MN politicians just repeal all of the so-called blue laws (sunday liquor sales and car sales bans)?

    Now Dayton wants to tax services such as getting a haircut, hiring a lawyer, or even taxing personal training? If so, he is nuts.

  • Nick says:

    I will not be surprised if alcohol and tobacco taxes increase, along with income taxes.

  • J. Ewing says:

    Dayton proposed a 57% ( I think) increase in the cigarette tax. Hello to the tribes: I see a new booming business for you.

    Every time some dummy says that “the money has to come from somewhere” I always want to ask “WHY?” When your personal wish list exceeds your personal income, do you command your employer to give you a raise? Doesn’t the money have to come from somewhere? Well, no, it doesn’t have to come from somewhere if you don’t have to waste it somewhere else.

  • Speed Gibson says:

    Why can’t the MN GOP speak this plainly, this effectively before the election?

  • Speed Gibson says:

    Regarding tobacco, I thought the state stipulated in the original tax “settlement” that the amount paid wholly paid us back for whatever health care etc costs smokers cost the state? Haven’t we as a State been reneging on this deal, starting with Pawlenty’s infamous Health Impact Fee? This is dirty money.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Jerry & Rex, check back tomorrow for more on the cigarette tax. You won’t be surprised but I’m betting you’ll be pissed when you read what I’ve found on the cigarette tax increase.

  • Nick says:


    Have you heard of anything regarding an increase in alcohol taxes?

    Do you remember the last time the DFL controlled the legislature they tried to increase alcohol taxes?

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