In 2009, Ann Lenczewski proposed tax reform while she chaired the House Taxes Committee. Here’s what she said then:

“This bill proposes the most significant tax overhaul in 20 years,” said the bill’s chief author Rep. Ann Lenczeswki, DFL-Bloomington.

In addition to the tax hikes, Lenczewski’s bill removes a variety of tax breaks for homeowners and businesses. Charitable contributions, the mortgage interest tax deduction and the property tax deduction for homeowners are eliminated and replaced with a tax credit based on income. The bill also eliminates several business tax breaks, like the Research and Development credit and parts of the governor’s JOBZ program.

Lenczewski said she wants to clean up the state’s tax code.

“Which is to sweep the tax code clean of all of the preferential treatment and subsidies and things we can’t afford anymore and instead bring a fairer, more progressive income tax to Minnesotans based on the ability to pay,” she said.

That information is important context to the DFL’s ‘tax reforms’ this year. Gov. Dayton and Sen. Bakk have announced that tax reform is a high priority this year. One of the first tax bills is from Sen. Rest, in which she’d change the sales tax to apply to clothing. This isn’t a new idea by any stretch. Still, combined with higher taxes on “the rich who aren’t paying their fair share”, the DFL’s tax reform will hurt lots of people.

Is Sen. Rest balancing the budget on the backs of the middle class and working poor? Is it that she thinks the middle class and the working poor aren’t paying their fair share?

GOP legislators should ridicule Sen. Rest’s proposal until it’s dropped from committee consideration.

5 Responses to “Tax reform, DFL style, Part II”

  • J. Ewing says:

    Why is a more progressive tax code desirable? Why should things like the charitable contribution, written into the tax code to encourage such, be abandoned for a one-size-fits-all credit? What happens to charitable giving if it is NOT deductible? How many people will lose their homes because they can no longer deduct mortgage interest, a factor in their having bought the home in the first place? Let’s label this what it is– the “Wacky Tax.” Tax reform simplifies the tax code and LOWERS RATES. The DFL never met a tax it didn’t like.

  • Nancy says:

    Hey Gary, I think this should be part III. I cross-posted at True North.

    I wrote my Senator Ann Rest Tuesday asking her to remove her proposals (writing it hurts the working class and business), and she replied,

    “Dear Nancy,
    Broadening the base and lowering the rate is good conservative tax policy.


    Contact Sen. Rest here:

  • Speed Gibson says:

    Careful, Democrats! This one actually could backfire on you. Even DFL taxpayers are not going to appreciate having to add back in the money they gave to church or charity. And taxing clothing? Wait until the wives come home from the mall and give their “progressive” husbands “the look.”

  • walter hanson says:

    I got an idea when Scott Walker announces his proposed tax cuts the Republicans should introduce tax cuts to match Walker’s to keep Minnesota competitive with Wisconsin.

    That will make a lot of DFL house members scared. With one act we can show that the DFL don’t want to help the people of Minnesota.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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