Presumptive Senate Majority Leader Bakk allegedly represents SD-3 in northern Minnesota. I say allegedly for two reasons. First, he didn’t get much financial support from within the district. According to the report, Sen. Bakk got $1,000 from his district. By comparison, Sen. Bakk got $7,760 in contributions from the Twin Cities and $500 from New Jersey.

The reason why that’s relevant is because Sen. Bakk hasn’t uttered a peep about Gov. Dayton, Secretary Ritchie and Rebecca Otto decided to shaft miners in Sen. Bakk’s district. In fact, Sen. Bakk was joined in silence by David Dill, David Thomassoni, Tom Saxhaug, Tom Anzelc and Carly Melin after the State Executive Council’s decision to shaft the miners.

The Silent Six haven’t spoken out for their constituents because they can’t speak out because Alida Messinger will quit writing checks to the DFL and the House and Senate DFL campaign committees.

The Silent Six, led by Sen. Bakk, have put campaign contributions ahead of what’s best for their constituents. What proof exists that the Silent Six have passionately fought for their constituents? Fighting for a few extra dollars for the IRRRB doesn’t count because the IRRRB isn’t fighting for miners either.

A question that doesn’t need asking is whether the DFL has the cajones to tell Alida Messinger to take a hike. Selling their soul for campaign contributions might get them a legislative majority but it isn’t helping the DFL do what’s right for Minnesota’s blue collar workers.

I’ll guarantee that the GOP would approve those leases if they had a majority on the State Executive Council. In fact, they’d help create 1,000 jobs almost instantly upon being sworn into office.

Finally, the Silent Six represent what’s wrong with Minnesota politics. They didn’t pretend to care about their constituents. They sold their constituents out the minute they got their thirty pieces of silver.

The DFL isn’t the party of the people any more.

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