I don’t think Rep. Keith Ellison understood that he admitted that President Obama’s policies aren’t working but that’s what he admitted in saying this:

The middle class has already been forced to get by with less. The wealthiest 2% of Americans have continued to see their income rise as middle-class wages remained stagnant.

Actually, Rep. Ellison is lying or ill-informed when he says that middle-class wages have remained stagnant. They’ve actually dropped by $4,300 since President Obama took office. He’s right that “the middle class has been forced to get by with less.”

Thanks to President Obama’s counterproductive economic policies, families are paying higher electric bills, higher gas prices while paying more for groceries. Meanwhile, President Obama’s policies have led to higher unemployment and shrinking wages.

The latest proposal by Republicans fails to meet the basic test of fairness. Over the past two years, Republicans have forced cuts of more than $1.7 trillion for vital investments such as helping children get a college education and helping seniors heat their homes. But they have refused to ask the wealthy to contribute even a little more.

Rep. Ellison needs a refresher course on spinning. Republicans haven’t cut anything. They’ve cut the projected rate of spending growth a little but they haven’t cut spending. Only progressives think that slowing the rate of future spending from unprecedented levels is a destructive cut that’s sure to wipe out the middle class.

Shame on Rep. Ellison for peddling that crap. President Obama’s EPA has led to the closing of 100 coal-fired power plants. President Obama’s loans to the rich fatcats who were his biggest campaign bundlers in 2008 was disgusting enough. That they got these loans right before going bankrupt and laying off thousands of factory workers.

Has Rep. Ellison criticized President Obama for destroying the lives of those middle class families while giving Obama’s fatcats billions of dollars in taxpayer money? No, he hasn’t.

Might Rep. Ellison’s definition of fairness be subject to situational modifications? I can’t rule that out.

Unfortunately, the Republican plan doesn’t even touch Americans’ most immediate concern: creating good jobs. It’s time to focus on fairness. The Republican plan fails that test.

Rep. Ellison voted for the biggest job-killing legislation in U.S. history when he voted for the ACA. As a direct result of the ACA, workers are getting cut from full-time to part-time status. Wages are dropping. Other companies are laying hundreds of people off.

That Rep. Ellison has the audacity to say Republican plans won’t create good-paying jobs is testament to his willingness to criticize those he disagrees with based on his assumptions. What’s worse is that Rep. Ellison has repeatedly proven that he isn’t willing to criticize policies that he voted for even if it’s proven that they hurt the economy.

Rep. Ellison’s worldview is skewed because he’s viewing it through rose-colored glasses.

UPDATE: Welcome Hotair followers. After you read this article, make the time to read this article about a major breaking scandal on a college campus.

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6 Responses to “Rep. Ellison admits Obamanomics isn’t working”

  • Chad Q says:

    So how exactly does increasing taxes on the rich create jobs? How does increasing taxes on the rich start to balance the budget? Increasing tax will do neither. The rich already pay their fair share and the fair share of the 50% who don’t pay anything at all.
    How about we make those who pay nothing and receive so much from the govenrment actually pay for some of what they receive? These people need to have skin in the game as crazy Joe said. I mean it is patriotic to pay taxes, isn’t it?
    One thing I am glad to hear is that Obama is making job creation his number one priority. Well after raising taxes, increasing the debt ceiling, funding more green projects, bombing Iran, etc. This guy hasn’t a clue.

  • walter hanson says:


    I hate to tell you the budget needs real cuts of something like $1.113 trillion dollars if you take into account Obama’s tax increase on the rich. Are you going to propose those cuts.

    I’ve cut back on my cable, on the number of movies I go to, I eat less in food than a single person on food stamps, etc. Where has government really cut their spending?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric z says:

    ACA will only be a stop-gap. The only thing that can work, and ultimately must prevail, is single payer. Then the single payer incentive to police the abuses of the medical-industrial complex shall play full effect.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Eric, is it that you think people are too stupid to make their own health care decisions? Or is it that you think only government is capable of making the right decisions about a person’s health? Or do you think only government bureaucrats, not patients acting on advice from their physicians, will make the right decisions?

    Single-payer changes forever the doctor-patient relationship by rendering it moot. The IPAB will tell people what health care they can get when they’re senior citizens because (this is written into the ACA) the types of care available to seniors is based on QALYs, aka Quality-Adjusted Life Years. It’s a mathematical formula. That’s part of the ACA.

    Already, doctors are going to a different type of single-payer. They’re dropping Medicare & going to cash-only patients. If the law changes to prohibit that, which would happen with your type of single-payer, they’ll simply quit practicing. How’s that going to help the Baby Boomers start entering their greatest use years? Do you really hate Baby Boomers that much that you’d intentionally create significant doctor shortages when they need the most care?

    Going to gov’t-run single-payer cuts doctor pay, which eliminates the incentive to become a doctor. And no, gov’t-run single-payer isn’t more efficient. I’ve talked with people who run clinics about this. They’ve told me, & I’ve verified this, that they just hide the costs.

    When a clinic does a referral, that isn’t counted as part of patient care. It’s counted, properly, as overhead. Using the gov’t accounting scam, that’s counted as patient care, which it isn’t. It’s purely a business transaction. That isn’t patient care.

  • eric z says:

    Gary, UnitedHealth bureaucrats are heartless bean counters intent on profiting from sickness, disease, and death. Ditto, big Pharma.

    Do I think government could do better then these heartless bureaucrats, in their cold quota setting meanness, yes, I do think that.

    Will the best of efforts be perverted by the lobbying of the wealthy in control of the health of the rest of us, that is the status quo? Probably it will continue, people being people, but at some point the revolution will be blogged, and the Hemsleys will be thrown under the bus. In my lifetime? Unlikely. Ultimately? I expect so. I certainly hope so.

    As long as politicians are bought and sold – I am surprised there is not a futures market on politicians, of both parties – as long as that holds, we will see an America less than what it could be.

    But those dealing in that commodity, bought and sold politicians, are the 1%. It is a club that neither you, Gary, nor I belong to. One I do not seek out.

  • walter hanson says:


    Let me use a different type of government regulation to make the point you’re ignoring. For the record I work in a government office. This is an unique type of office in the nation. We do stuff like drivers licenses, birth certificates, passports, and other things.

    When the state congressional delegation got created the Minneapolis passport agency it has created major headaches for our unique type of office. Some negative things:

    * We had to stop taking any application where the person was going to get a first time state ID card or permit (even though we never made the card or could officially put it into the state drivers license system).

    * We had created a process to create the checks that the federal government wanted on each passport application (by the way the government approved the process) so customers could pay for their passports with cash or credit card. The government won’t let us do that anymore.

    * If you come into our office and you’re waiting longer then other people who come into our office there is a reason related to passports. Passports have ordered us that if an employee lets call her Amy does passport applications she can’t call numbers involving drivers licenses or vital records. At the same time we have employees like Kyle which do drivers licenses transactions or birth certificates that aren’t allowed to touch passport applications.

    And that is just the tip of the ice berg of their requlations. By the way at great inconvience to the public we might have to stop doing passports totally because of their regulations.

    So you’re lying when you think government regulation on health care won’t affect your care, your costs, or your ability to control your own health care.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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