The incoming DFL majorities aren’t even sworn in and they’re already telegraphing their expensive agenda:

Gov. Mark Dayton’s own transportation advisory panel called Friday for a higher state gas tax and other fees and taxes to raise at least $50 billion more for roads and transit over the coming two decades.

The Transportation Finance Advisory Committee’s recommendations aim to improve the state’s roads and expand transit, including new light rail lines, as a boost to the state’s economy.

That’s a $2,500,000,000 a year regressive tax increase for the next 20 years. How many of LFR’s readers think they need a $2,500,000,000 a year tax increase? More importantly, how many of you think it’s important to raise taxes by that much to build sparsely populated light rail lines so taxpayers can subsidize them for the rest of their lives?

Predictably, the DFL is all over this action:

“My sense is the governor would very, very much like to get us back in a posture of making these needed and key investments,” said Sen. Scott Dibble, a Minneapolis Democrat who served on the advisory committee and will head the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Division.

Sen. Dibble is a blithering idiot if he thinks light rail is a “needed and key investment.” It’s a waste of money that’s constantly taking money out of people’s pockets for something only a handful of people use on a daily basis. Simply put, it’s a long-term waste of taxpayers’ money.

That isn’t the worst part about this panel’s recommendations. This is:

The 19-member group led by Transportation Commissioner Tom Sorel picked the costliest of three options it studied.

Of course they picked the most expensive option. The DFL has the votes. The DFL doesn’t care what Minnesotans think about light rail. In fact, they’ve never cared about the taxpayers’ opinions. The DFL is the party that caters to special interests. They aren’t the party that listens to main street. They’re the party that listens to their special interest allies.

It’s time to quit pretending that the DFL is all for compromise and fairness. Sen. Wellstone fought hard for his beliefs but was willing to compromise. He loved debating issues on the floor of the Senate. Ditto with Hubert Humphrey.

Today’s DFL has little in common with Humphrey or Wellstone. Today’s DFL is all about grabbing as much money from people’s wallets as possible. Whether it comes from a middle class worker’s wallet, the rich’s wallet or from the working poor’s wallet is irrelevant to a DFL legislator fixing on going on a spending binge.

God help us all.

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3 Responses to “Grab your wallets”

  • walter hanson says:


    Lets not forget two facts here:

    One, they are going to spend another $49 billion on transit and one billion on roads.

    Two, lets not forget in 2007 they shoved a gasoline tax (when six house Republicans joined in the veto override) increase not to mention an increase in car tabs on the people of Minnesota. At the tiem the Republican minority showed without an increase in the tax that you could get the needed road construction without the increase. That money was shoved into transit along with that shift of car sales tax. Shouldn’t those tax increases already have supplied something like $25 billion or more spread out over
    twnety years.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Chad Q says:

    The DFL is all about revenge and revenge is what we are going to get now that they will have uncontrollable control of both houses. The only problem with their tax and spend orgy they want to unleash is that most of the taxes (except income which won’t generate the money they think it will) are regressive and will hurt those who they are supposedly trying to help. I say supposedly because I don’t think the DFL care one lick about the poor or middle class and God knows they hate the rich.

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