When Speaker-in-Waiting Thissen named Rep. Hortman as the chair of the Energy Committee, he caved to another facet of Alida Messinger’s monopoly. Rep. Hortman no longer represents her district. She’s Alida Messinger’s puppet personal legislator. Couple that with Ms. Messinger’s strident anti-mining agenda and Rep. Hortman’s history of support for a cap and trade system in Minnesota and an emissions system based on California’s emissions system and you’ve got a powerful anti-jobs agenda emerging.

Thinking people can’t believe that the woman that essentially owns the DFL and funds their special interest allies, coupled with a DFL governor and a DFL legislature, isn’t going to push her anti-jobs, anti-freedom agenda.

As I pointed out in this post, building monopolies is part of her DNA.

It’s amusing to see the Leftosphere rush to this lawmaker or another to see what their legislative agenda will be. While they’re the public face of the DFL, their thoughts are only important in terms of tactics.

Alida Messinger dictates the agenda.

If Alida said that PolyMet investors would be frustrated another 2 years, Rep. Thissen and Sen. Bakk will sign off on Alida’s decision. If Alida said that Minnesota needs a cap and trade program, which she will, swing district DFL legislators will fall on their swords and make it a reality. If Alida said small business owners aren’t paying enough in taxes, the DFL will dutifully pass the tax increase and Gov. Dayton will cheerfully sign it. If Alida dictated a change in the sales tax to include taxing clothing and groceries, the DFL legislature will pass it. Gov. Dayton will sign it with a big smile on his face.

It’s important that we understand what these things mean in human terms becasuse that’s what’s most important.

Cap and Trade will cause electric bills to “necessarily skyrocket.” That isn’t just my prediction. It’s a direct quote from then-Sen. Obama. When electric bills in Minnesota “necessarily skyrocket,” Minnesotans should think of it as the DFL’s squeezing the life out of Minnesota’s middle class. Make no mistake about it. This is a regressive tax, the type the DFL usually rails against.

Is that the Minnesota you want to live in?

When PolyMet investors give up on their project, mining jobs won’t be created. The gap in median household income between St. Louis County and the state average will widen. In 2010, the median household income in St. Louis County was $44,941. The statewide average was $57,243. Sen. Bakk, who is from Range country, will dutifully vote to kill the Twin Metals and PolyMet projects.

Don’t miners deserve a chance at prosperity?

When the DFL legislature and Gov. Dayton raise taxes on small business owners will cut jobs, contribute less to their employees’ health care and 401(k) plans and scrap plans to expand. Dynamic job creation will stop. That’s a prediction based on past history. It’s as predictable as the sun setting in the west.

It’s inevitable that the DFL legislature will pass and DFL Gov. Dayton will sign sales tax ‘reform’ into law. That means everyone buying groceries and clothes will spend hundreds of dollars more each year in sales tax. How many middle class families can afford that? The working poor can’t afford that. That won’t matter to the DFL because they’re getting hit with that whether they like it or not.

Families should think of the hundreds of dollars they spend on sales tax for groceries and clothes as the DFL’s ‘gift’ to their family budget.

When jobs aren’t created and employees pay more of their health insurance costs, they can’t thank Alida Messinger for their employer robbing Peter to pay Paul to cover the cost of Alida’s expensive tax increase.

It’s important for people to understand that we’ll all pay dearly for what Alida wants. This isn’t about economic growth. Economic growth won’t happen under Alida’s rule. Alida’s agenda is progressive social policy masquerading as economic policy.

Finally, the DFL budget will be in the $38,000,000,000-$41,000,000,000 range. They’ll attempt to pay off their political allies with their budget. The dirty little secret is that the revenues from their tax increases won’t materialize.

When Maryland passed a millionaire’s tax, they collected less money because millionaires moved to northern Virginia. When the French socialists said that they’d tax billionaires at a rate of 75%, those billionaires moved to England.

Does Alida think small business owners will stay and pay hundreds of millions of dollars in extra taxes when the economy is booming in North Dakota?

The simple truth is that Alida Messinger’s monopoly will hurt Minnesota families in a variety of ways. Between the higher electric bills (thanks to Alida’s cap and trade bill) to more money spent on clothes and groceries (thanks to Alida’s sales tax increase), Minnesota’s middle class families will be hit hardest.

Remember this: What Alida wants will cost you bigtime.

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16 Responses to “Alida Messinger’s monopoly, Part II”

  • Chad Q says:

    And even if everything you have predicted comes true, the DFL fatihful in this state will vote in favor of their party maintaining a strangle hold on the state no matter how much damage they do. I mean there are enough rich people and businesses in this state to pick up the slack and foot the bill for all the tax increases, right? The ends justify the means for these people and they don’t care if the state economy is ruined.

  • Jethro says:

    “When Maryland passed a millionaire’s tax, they collected less money because millionaires moved to northern Virginia. When the French socialists said that they’d tax billionaires at a rate of 75%, those billionaires moved to England.”

    This is not that hard to understand. Tax the rich mantra is getting old yet? Not paying their “fair share” huh? When the rich leave the state, they take their money with them. Case closed. How is that for being fair? Too bad Messinger & Dayton don’t understand this simple fact.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Gov. Dayton doesn’t understand this. Either that or he isn’t admitting it. In January, 2011, he said that the Minnesotans he knew were too good to not pay that extra tax.

  • walter hanson says:


    I hate to say this, but I think your budget number is very low. After all the DFL got $36 billion out of the balanced budget the republicans passed. You’re looking at a $5 billion increase minimumu so you’re looking at a budget from $41 billion plus.

    Of course the public will then ask why did I vote those spenders in.

    The only reason why we can’t teach the lesson on the federal level right now is that the Federal Reserve keeps printing money for Obama so he doesn’t have to deal with any of the mess he is creating.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gary Gross says:

    Please get your figures straight, Walter. The budget passed was $34.5 billion.

  • Nick says:

    Hey everyone, remember when MN’s cigarette tax increased? It didn’t raise the revenue that it was supposed to. The cigarette tax increase was supposed to bring in an extra $174 million per year, but only brought in an extra $4 million per year.

  • Gary Gross says:

    The moral of Nick’s story is that you’re never guaranteed the projected revenue from a tax increase. You’ll always get the savings from budget cuts. And there’s lots of waste in the state budget, starting with K-12 & higher education. There’s too many administrators that shouldn’t have their jobs.

  • eric z says:

    Give it up. Go back to beating up on Nancy Pelosi.

    That, or just let go of the entire gender gap rap.

  • eric z says:

    So, who exactly in the GOP controlled two State houses last term was it that projected gambling income would pay for Wilfare? There were fellow-travelers on both parties; but the majority was GOP, and they shoveled it on heavy about how gambling would be manna from heaven.

    I suppose that was Alida Messinger’s fault, right?

    Give it up.

  • Gary Gross says:

    I wrote a number of articles about the funding of the Vikings Stadium. The plan was Sen. Bakk’s. But that’s ok with you because he’s a DFL legislator, right?

  • walter hanson says:


    Keep in mind I came up with $36 billion because of the bonding bill which was $500 million plus which shouldn’t have been done in 2011, the education shift, and the bonds on the tobacco sale. That made spending what I remembered as $36 billion.

    Considering that they will do a bonding bill (which they consider free spending) of over a billion dollars it’s safe to say that the number $41 billion for spending is going to be beaten quite easily.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • walter hanson says:


    That was governor Dayton’s baby and he was willing to agree to anything because he thought that was free jobs. A lot of Republicans voted against it.

    I guess that means Governor Dayton can’t count on your vote for reelection.

    As for beat up on Nancy Pelosi keep in mind unlike state wide elections where the large minority cities can be used to win senate elections or give Obama the state it isn’t enough to convince a majority to vote the Republicans out. After all they had over 60 seats to defend and the democrats gained just ten states despite all of that great Obama turnout.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  • eric Z says:

    Walter – Dayton’s pushing the stadium to passage, but not pushing to tax the rich does say something, doesn’t it. I agree it is galling.

    But God, Walter, think of what it would be if Emmer had been elected. Unless/until you present palatable candidates, e.g., Ron Paul over vulture-voucher, you cannot criticize voters for opting for the lesser evil. Dayton’s performance is not unlike Obama compromising on health care and not pushing card check as he promised.

    Deceits, yes, but the problem is I believed Paul Ryan entirely, and it made my hair stand on end. He is as batshit crazy as Michele Bachmann, just less of an exhibitionist at being so.

    Oil patch war mongerers and ill schooled austerity mongerers; give me a break. And, Walter, in Minnesota it was less love of Obama that carried the day than fear of vulture-voucher and dislike of the distasteful amendments attacking equal rights and right to vote.

    You folks with those jackass stupid amendments …

  • eric Z says:

    Walter. Do be inclusive. Blame Ted Mondale for his fair share of scorn, please. And he WAS Dayton’s choice, no doubt about that. The low point in the Dayton administration. But it would not have happened without the Republican votes. And not without the GOP abandonment of the party’s platform plank against expanded gambling in Minnesota. It was bipartisan betrayal, no doubt, no claim otherwise.

    As George Carlin taught, it is all one big club, and we’re not in it.

  • walter hanson says:


    Keep in mind you were attacking the Republican House and the Senate for the stadium bill. It was governor Dayton’s bill because he wanted it. And if you want to blame Mondale remember Dayton gave us Mondale. So attack Dayton not the republicans for that! Oh I forgot if you can’t attack Republicans you can’t type anything.

    About those so called stupid amendments. One was specifically needed because it had to be in the constitution because it was meant to stop judges from over turning it. The other one became a constitutional amendment because Governor Dayton not only didn’t want to do his job and work out a fair bill he went out and lied about it (oh I forgot you’re a democrat who doesn’t care when a democrat lies). Mark Ritchie didn’t want to do his job and went out and lied about it!

    I think the reason why you hate Ryan and Bachmann so much is because they have the nerve to say something is a problem and we need real action (something that Obama doesn’t want to do and apparently you don’t want).

    As for Obama compromising on health care where is tort reform? Where is letting somebody buy a policy in any state? Where is reducing the number of mandates in the policies so a person can get what they want like they can with their auto insurance? Why do catholics and other people who believe abortion is wrong have to pay for abortion coverage and things which promote sex outside of marriage (remember that executive order he signed to con House members like Oberstarr to get their votes because the Senate took out the antiabortion language)? OBAMA DIDN’T COMPROMISE! Oh I forgot you want the federal government running 100% on health care so anything less is a horrible compromise.

    I thought you said the election was over so why rehash 2010 let alone 2012?

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

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