The DFL isn’t wasting time in spending money we don’t have. This MPR article is about a report that says we should “bolster the Environmental Quality Board.” First, let’s start with the basics. Let’s start with who the EQB is:

The EQB consists of the commissioners of nine state agencies and four citizens. It was created in 1972, but over the years its staff has shrunk and it seldom has the resources to fulfill its original mandate of studying and coordinating on issues that go beyond the purview of a single state agency.

The first question I have is simple. Is the EQB necessary? The second question is simple, too. What official responsibilities does the EQB have? Third, are the EQB’s official responsibilities counterproductive? Fourth, since this agency was created in 1972, has anyone thought about how the EQB’s official responsibilities might be streamlined or eliminated?

This part is exceptionally telling:

…over the years its staff has shrunk…

Simply put, the DFL, now that they’re in full control, wants to start growing government, spending money recklessly and increasing government intrusion into our lives. Does anyone think that they aren’t itching to start raising taxes? Does anyone think they can’t wait to ‘make departments whole’?

Before I leave this part, this is a sign of what’s to come. Alida Messinger is a strident militant environmentalist. She’ll insist that the environment be give a high priority. Since she essentially owns the DFL, ABM and an environmental organization (Conservation Minnesota), she’ll surely get what she’s demanding.

The budget Gov. Dayton signed in 2011 was for $34,350,000,000. If anyone thinks this budget will be less than $39,000,000,000, they’re kidding themselves. It isn’t a stretch to think Gov. Dayton’s next budget won’t be more than $40,000,000,000.

That means he’ll need to sign the biggest tax increase in Minnesota history. That’s doomed for failure because the economy is shrinking. That means the estimates he’ll get from the Department of Revenue won’t come close to the revenues he’ll actually collect.

That means oversized deficits, likely the biggest in Minnesota history. Job growth, at least the jobs that aren’t tied to the DFL’s annual debt bill, will disappear. Within 2 years, Minnesota’s economy will be worse as a direct result of Gov. Dayton’s and the DFL’s policies, budgets and tax increases.

Faced with the choice of paying excessive taxes while the economy shrinks or paying lower taxes into a growing economy in North Dakota, many businesses will migrate to North Dakota.

The DFL won’t have anyone to blame for impending financial disaster that they’re about to embark on. Republicans can’t filibuster and they certainly don’t have the votes to prevent this disaster.

That means the $7,000,000,000-$10,000,000,000 biennial deficit heading our direction will be the millstone tied around their necks alone.

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3 Responses to “Let’s eliminate the EQB”

  • Chad Q says:

    While I’m not in the top 1 or 2% of incomes in MN, I’m not hanging around to get eaten by the DFL tax and spend machine. If liberals really believe that taxing those who “don’t pay their fair share” is going to be good for MN or even raise enough revenue for their spending orgy, I guess they can own the economy that will result when those people, and people like me leave the state. I guess we’ll see if those rich liberals are really happy to pay more. I bet not.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Chad, you’ve forgotten that many of the I’m-happy-to-pay-more-crowd are trust fund babies with their money hidden in exotic places like the Caymans or in a bank in South Dakota.

    They don’t pay taxes on their net worth. They pay taxes on the interest from their trust funds.

    Meanwhile, the people who get hit with Gov. Dayton’s & Sen. Bakk’s tax increase are people who hire people, put their money at risk & grow the economy.

    In short, entrepreneurs get slapped with Bakk’s & Dayton’s tax increases. Trust fund babies pay a mere pittance.

  • eric z says:

    “What official responsibilities does the EQB have?”

    What journalistic inquiry effort did you take to find out?

    Chad Q – Watch out for the doorknob.

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