This past week, it’s been almost impossible to access my Sitemeter statistics on how many people have visited LFR. At first, I thought it might be something on my end. After clicking on a number of other websites’ Sitemeter icons, all of which I’ve been able to view before, it’s apparent that Sitemeter is the problem.

If anyone knows why Sitemeter’s having these extensive difficulties, please post a comment with what’s happening.

If Sitemeter fixes their issues, I’ll be a happy camper. It they can’t fix their issues, then it’s time for the marketplace to work. It’s time for someone to build a better website visit tracker.

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  • SiteMeter is frustrating me to no end. I haven’t used them in years….but decided to sign up for an account yesterday and use it on my latest blog. I got signed up, installed the code – then voila….I couldn’t access the statistics portion of the website. I tried to log out and log back in – but I hadn’t received the initial email that is supposed to contain my password. So – I tried to request my password but kept getting an error message. I finally filled out the contact form for support but still haven’t heard a thing.

    So, this morning, I decide that ‘maybe’ I didn’t type my email address in correctly when signing up for the account yesterday. I decide to just sign up for a different account – which ended up being the same issues – didn’t receive the email with my password and can’t access the statistics page.

    While checking my email I noticed a daily report on my stats from SiteMeter and tried clicking unsubscribe (since I just created a new account) – but the page wouldn’t load. So now I sit with 2 accounts – which means I’ll be getting 2 daily reports via email – neither of which I can unsubscribe from if I choose to dump SiteMeter altogether.

    Any ideas of what is going on with them currently? I was about to reprise an old blog post with blogging tips and various website for bloggers including stat websites like StatCounter and SiteMeter – neither of which I would recommend right at the moment.

  • Gary Gross says:

    Sorry Kristy but I don’t have any answers for you. Best of luck, though.

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